Any Jewelry’s true worth depends on the memory it captures or the considerate mind of the giver, not just the beautiful design. I think in that perspective Jewelry coincides with tattoos in that both appreciate the meaning behind what you see.

On Kickstarter, there launched a unique and sophisticated tattoo jewelry line. Just like its slogan, ‘The way to engrave my RECOLLECTION, where its closest to my body’ it successfully captures the beauty of jewelry and tattoo at once.

The Jewelry That Brings the Unique Aesthetic.

The Éclat Tattoo Jewelry is made exclusively for people who acknowledge the beauty of tattoos but can’t risk the danger of regret and infection. It excellently captured the unique sentiment of lettering tattoos by making them customizable. Its diverse options for straps and pendants leave more room for customization. 

The best part of them is that you can attach and detach them whenever you want. You don’t need to risk your skin and money for a tattoo. With The Éclat Tattoo Jewelry, you will only enjoy the benefit of a lettering tattoo and leave the disadvantage behind.

The Éclat Tattoo Jewelry Features:


1. Black Gold Plating & Easy Wear

It uses differentiated black gold plating that developed from the countless plating test. This is the unique plating method of the Éclat Tattoo Jewelry line and successfully generates durable and luxurious black color. This ruthenium black plating is hypoallergenic and shows exceptional durability. Moreover, the process adds a ceramic coating, making the lettering pendant long-lasting.

Éclat also presents a specially designed lock to provide users with an easy/ simple detachment. The sliding ball and dual magnetic locks which look so beautiful prevent the hustle to wear them and make the process of wearing/detaching them so easy. 

2. Design Options

  • Eiffel Bracelet:

Eiffel bracelet is a simple and gender-neutral one that is best for daily use. The strap is surgical steel and the silver chain detail of the strap makes it look bold and on edge. If you are a hipster or a rock-n-roll fan. This bracelet will be perfect for you.

  • Chic Ball V2 Bracelet:

Chic Ball represents the essence of the Éclat Tattoo Jewelry line very well. Its strap is very thin silver 92.5, plated with gold, and makes the best harmony with the lettering pendant generating the beauty that could not be found on tattoos or just a piece of jewelry. The easily detachable sliding ball lock adds more uniqueness to it. Among the Kickstarter rewards, this is the most elegant bracelet.

  • Signature V9 Bracelet 

This bracelet includes an Éclat signature pendant with a simple silver 92.5 chain strap. The strap width is thinner than that of the Eiffel Bracelet but thicker than Chic Ball V2. This will also fit well with any gender. You can choose between gold and silver strap colors.

  • Mouffetard 2 Bracelet

Mouffetard includes a black leather strap with a dual magnetic design lock. The black leather strap makes it the most hipster design among Éclat Tattoo Jewelry lines. This unique design looks gender-neutral and even spiritual. If you like a bold and unique bracelet, I recommend this. 

  • Signature V2 and Cubic V2 Necklace

These Éclat necklaces position the lettering pendant on one side of the necklace, not in the middle. Because of this unique positioning, it shed a light on your clavicle, where is the popular tattoo spot. Signature V2 includes the Éclat signature pendant in the middle and Cubic V2 has a twinkling cubic pendant. The cubic pendant is really beautiful.

Back This Amazing Project on Kickstarter

The Éclat Tattoo Jewelry’s launched on the 2nd of Nov on Kickstarter. Don’t miss out on this chance to get it at a lower price than retail. 😊

If you shop often online for goods or look to do more of that moving forward, are you going about it the right way?

According to, there are expected to be some 230.5 million online shoppers in 2021. If that sounds like many consumers opting to do some or all their shopping online, you would be correct.

So, when you are ready to go about buying goods online, will you do it with ease, confidence and save some money?

How Can You Be a Better Online Shopper?

When doing all you can to be the best online shopper possible, here are three keys for you to think about:

1. Be an educated online consumer – Make sure you take the time to educate yourself. This would be when it comes to shopping online. You want to do that research so you can position yourself to find what you need and save a little money in the process. For example, say you are in search of some video gaming equipment. You will want to do some research. See not only what it is you need but also which brands get top ratings for specific items. If in need of a headset for gaming or any other gaming equipment, be knowledgeable on what you are in search of. You can visit specific brand websites. You can also tap into the knowledge of what other consumers have to say. The feedback you get from some of them can prove rather valuable. That would be in your quest to score items and savings online.

2. Set yourself up for savings – Given there is a good chance you want to save some money, position yourself to do so. You can sign up for rewards programs that many brands have to offer. If you download a particular brand’s app to your phone, you could score digital savings in the process. Also make sure you get alerts via email, texts and so on when brands you like have savings available. This will allow you to get in on the savings should you choose to do so. The goal is to spend as little as possible and still get items and services that will bring value to your world.

3. Socialize shopping and buying – Finally, it is smart to spend time on social media. That is because you can check out brands of interest and their social media platforms. Among the sites brands tend to turn to are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter among others. You can connect with those brands on their social sites and stay in the loop. See what they are messaging about and how such things can lead you to good deals and more when shopping online. You can also get some feedback from other consumers. That is detailing what their online shopping experiences have been like. That is on a whole load of goods and services.

When you go online to buy goods and services, you save yourself time, having to go battle crowds and more.

So, if online shopping needs to become a bigger part of your world, are you going to do it?

Different consumers have different means of going about shopping for goods and services.

That said about how often would you say you go online to browse for and buy goods and services?

If you have not been using the Internet all that often for such needs; now may be the time to think about changing that.

By getting online more often for your shopping needs, you can save time and even money in some instances.

So, are you ready to put your fingers to work and do more online shopping?

What Can You Find Online When Shopping?

It is safe to say that most goods and services can be found online if you have the time and patience to look for them.

As an example, if into video gaming or looking to break into it, odds are you can find resources you need for it online.

So, one of the key pieces of the gaming puzzle of course would be the headset.

When searching for a headset, will you find the one you are looking for?

Whether a gaming headset from Turtle Beach or another catches your eye; the goal is to land the right one.

As you begin to put together all the equipment, you are that much closer to enjoying video gaming in your home.

Along with looking at headset websites, see what some experts in the industry have to say on headsets. You can also tap into the experiences of other gamers. See what headsets and other equipment they give thumbs up to.

Video gaming is but one of many activities you can shop for equipment online.

No matter the activity you want info on and products or services for, chances are time online will be worth it.

Shopping for goods and services online can also open the door to potential savings.

Many brands offer discounted savings online that turns into savings for consumers.

Have you downloaded the apps of any brands you have a tendency to shop for? If not, now would be a good time to consider doing so.

You may find savings on different apps that can then be scanned in when you go to the business to shop. If doing much or all your shopping online, it is likely you can still take advantage of those savings.

At the end of the day, spending time online can lead to finding the goods and services you want and at savings too.

Be Smart When Shopping Online

As safe as online shopping tends to be, it is still wise to use commonsense when looking to buy on the Internet.

Be careful with the personal information you give out. Also make sure you are on a secure website. That is especially key when providing any credit card details during a checkout.

Last, check your online bank account and any credit cards you to shop online.

Make sure the withdrawals add up and your balance is what it should be once done shopping.

In being as safe as possible, you should have little to no problems when shopping online.

If online shopping is going to become part of your routine, appreciate it for the time and effort it will save you.

You likely will come away with some savings too.

If you are close to moving to another home, odds are you a little anxious and excited at the same time.

That said you want such a move to come off as smoothly as possible.

So, how confident are you that the move is going to be low on stress and high on excitement?

Be as Prepared as Possible for the Move

As you look to move into another home, here are three tips to help make things easier on you:

  1. Plan as much out as possible – Given most do not move on the spur of the moment unless forced to, you should have time to plan. This should also make for a smoother move. By having time to get your place packed up and have the other home ready for moving in, you can decrease a lot of the stress. As for your current place, will you use professional movers or having family and friends help? Doing the latter can save you some money. In looking at your home-to-be, is it going to be in good condition to move into right away? While there may be some work to do on it, you do not want major renovations needed while you try and stay there. Being a good planner goes a long way.
  2. Have a sense of changes you want done – In going into another home, there may be some specific changes you’d like done. The question then becomes, do you go forward with the changes ahead of time or wait until after settled in the home? If the first option presents itself, it may be best to go that route. That way you can get your next home set up the way you want it before officially moving in. Such changes can include floors, cabinetry, adding on or redoing a room, changing one or more doors and so on. When it comes to door changes, know that you have your options. The key in finding the right doors is to go with something to provide a good look, security, nice outside views and so on. From bifold doors to other such options, take the time to see what type of door most interests you. While doors may not be your first thought when it comes to another home, they can be one of the most important ones.
  3. Get to know the lay of the land – Last, it is also wise to get to know the area where you will be living. Not only know the home itself, but also the neighborhood and the services that will be available. If you are moving a short distance from where you live now, chances are you have some sense of where you are going. If doing a bigger move to a new area or one you have not been to in many years, take the time to get to know it. From medical care to shopping, schools if you have young children and more, get acquainted.

When the time comes for you to move to another home, will you be ready to roll?

How much time on average do you get to spend on the Internet?

In the event more time online could be beneficial to your life, would you make the time and effort to do so?

From buying goods and services to the latest reviews on products and more, being online can be a help.

Where Will You Go Online?

In using the Internet more often to your advantage, start by figuring out how going online can be of use to you.

As an example, are you looking to buy any goods or services anytime soon? If so, being on the Internet could help you.

Keep in mind there are countless online reviews of a wide array of products, brands and more. As such, you could pick up some worthwhile advice on those items to gravitate to and those to shy away from.

So, if looking to get into video gaming or are there now but need some new equipment, the web could prove helpful.

In the event you need a headset for your gaming efforts, being online is a help.

You can review everything from Xbox Series S headsets to other top brands.

Once you have done this, you are in position to determine which kind of headset best suits your needs to play.

In getting the right headset, you want one that provides the best in sound, takes care of outside noises and more.

From gaming to other hobbies, a click of the computer or hopping on your smartphone could lead you to the info.

Not only is it rather easy to look up brand websites to learn more about their products, you can also get social.

Many brands are rather active when it comes to social networking. As a result, you could find out a lot about them by visiting their social pages. Among the top social sites would be Facebook, Instagram and Twitter among others.

By using the Internet more often, you can be that much closer to information, shopping online and more.

Online Communication is Great Too

You may not be looking to buy anything online or review specific brands. That said you can use the Internet to communicate with countless individuals.

As an example, say you are distanced from some family and friends and meet-ups are not always possible. If so, going online and chatting can relieve any angst you may have in not seeing that individual.

From Skype to Face Time and other such services, there are plenty of ways to chat online. Best of all, many such services allow you to also see the person or persons you are talking with at the same time.

In making the web a bigger part of your life, consider it something that has more benefits than negatives.

With that being the case; is today the day you begin to get online more often and see all what is out there?

If you do, know that there is much to see and hear.

Written by Meghan Hale, a content writer at and editing machine. You’ll find me yelling at my dog to stop barking, whether it be at the neighbours or on a long afternoon walk   

They’re known to be fast and stylish, but are two-door cars really a practical fit for you and your family?

Whether you’re in the market for a bright red Jeep Wrangler, or a neutral beige two-door Honda Civic, it’s always best to do your research and consider both the pros and cons of owning a two-door vehicle.

Before you drive off into the sunset, let’s discuss three things you should think about before you even arrive at a car lot to start checking out any two doors.

Keep reading for more!

1. How Much Are You Willing to Pay?

Coupes are known to be more expensive than Sudan vehicles. There are many reasons why car makers may jack up the price on a coupe, three being production quantity, projected profit margin, and style.


Some coupes are specially made in fewer quantities than sedans. This makes them more valuable to the consumers since not as many people will have the same model of car that they have. Consumers love to feel as though they have something special and rare and will pay more for a vehicle as a result.

Projected Profit Margin

A car manufacturing company may not sell as many models of a coupe as they may sell of a Sudan, so in an effort to bridge the profit gap, prices can be raised for coupes.


Another reason a car manufacturing company may raise the price of a coupe is for the style. Two-door cars are very customizable, and the owners have a lot more freedom to be creative since there are fewer parts to work with. For this reason, customers are charged more simply for looks and convenience.

Pricier Insurance

In addition to thinking about the actual price of a coupe, you will want to consider which insurance company you will use for your car. Insurance for a two-door coupe can be a lot more expensive than insurance for a Sudan.

This is largely due to the price of a coupe’s parts. A two-door vehicle is often viewed as a sports car, and sports cars have pricier car parts.

For example, replacement parts for a Genesis coupe may cost more than replacement parts for a regular four-door Honda model.

This means, if you were ever in an accident, your insurance company would need to pay more to have your coupe fixed then it would need to pay if you had a traditional Sudan.

2. Family Size

Before purchasing a two-door vehicle, consider how far your investment will go and how much use you will get out of the car.

Coupes are great cars for teens to have as their first car or single bachelors and bachelorettes, but they aren’t great cars for married couples who plan to start a family.

If your family budget allows you to have both a family car and a “fun” car, then maybe a coupe is a great fit for you. However, family size is definitely something that needs to be thought about before making your final purchase.

3. Lifestyle

Before you consider purchasing a coupe, think about the lifestyle you plan to live. Coupes are great for travel if you love to take road trips, but also consider where your car will be when you are not traveling.

Research the crime rate in your area and make sure that you have a safe place to park your car when it isn’t in use. Two-door cars can be targeted by thieves because of their style and their price.

Ready for the Sporty Lifestyle Two Doors Provide?

Now go out there and start looking at some stylish two doors. Consider the points you’ve just read, and if a coupe fits your lifestyle enjoy your new purchase guilt-free.

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Everybody moves home at least once in their life, and it is vitally important that you consider every possible scenario when you visit a house worth considering as new private home. By doing so, you can survey the house, thus limiting the amount of dangers and problems that could be a potential downfall once you have moved in. By examining the house and have a detailed look at the most relevant points, you get more security and can clearly find out whether the decision at hand will be the correct one.

The reason on which your decision in favour of the potential house is based might be a good neighbourhood for the children to play in, but it could also be the location or furnishings. Another possible reason may be that it is nearer to your place of work, thereby shortening the time of travelling. However, there are important things inside the house that you need to take note of before signing on the dotted line.

Possible Renovation Work

One of the most important things that you should be on the lookout for when you step into a potential home is the structure. That includes looking out for any areas of the house that may have damp. Both of these factors will ensure that you will be paying out on rebuild work before you have actually moved in, and could be expensive. You should avoid any risk of this by making notes throughout your viewing that you could then bring up at the end.

Storage Space

Over our lives, we build up the amount of possessions that we have, so it is important to keep hold of as much as we want. When you’re viewing a new potential home, you should examine whether the house or apartment has the amount of space that you need to store these items safely. If it doesn’t, then you may need to spend extra to invest in a storage unit. However, if the space is there, then you can visit to find the perfect storage space for your house.

Ensure That the Heating Works

If you’re visiting a house in the summer, then you may forget about the cold temperatures that are waiting for you later in the year. There is nothing worse than being cold in your own home, and that means checking that the house is well insulated, and what way it is facing so you are prepared for the cold weather. That includes checking the water pipes and heating ducts, to ensure that you aren’t left disappointing that you have signed the contract.

Enquire About Bills

The biggest transition of moving house is sorting out all the bills. It is important to see how much they are before agreeing to go further as you don’t want to be paying extra in the long run. This could be damaging, and it is always important to double-check your outgoings before committing to a property. You should also query what would be left in the house when you buy it, such as kitchen appliances and carpets. Both of these will add on to the amount that you will need to subsidise from the minute you walk into your new potential home.

Bring In A Professional

It is always better to be safe, and that could mean bringing in technical and financial experts to offer their recommendation on the property. For example, Visionary lofts comes highly recommended for those who want to turn their house into a loft. They can inspect the foundation and wiring of the house, and ensure that there are no defects in the house. Their professional help will be a godsend if you make the purchase as you won’t be left in the dark on any shock payments that you may need to pay for repair work. This could also be a smart move as they may be able to help you negotiate on the price that you pay if there are potential problems in the house. You may want to check rental market trends in Portland to know how much apartment units in the area cost nowadays. This will help you prepare your budget.

With some of the biggest shopping days in your near future, it’s important you’re ready to snag deals without endangering your finances. Before you take advantage of epic Cyber Monday deals this year, check in with this quick list of online shopping tips. They’ll help you protect your financial data, so you don’t expose something important.

1. Don’t shop with your debit card

Nowadays, you can shop online using your debit card like you would any credit card, but this is a bad idea. When you use a debit card, you’re exchanging key data about this account when you finalize your purchase. If the website gets hacked, your entire account could be in danger.

Compared to your debit card, a credit card is an isolated financial product. There’s less risk that a hack could jeopardize your entire bank account when you use credit. It’s even more secure when you use just one credit card rather than spreading out your shopping between cards. In the case of a cybersecurity issue, only one card would be affected. This will also make it easier to review statements and check for any fraudulent purchases.

2. Shop from secure sites

In the pursuit for the absolute rock-bottom price on your item, you’ll shop around. It’s natural to check a few sites to make sure you’re getting the best price for what you want, and it’s a good way to ensure you don’t overpay when you don’t have to. Unfortunately, this habit can take you to recesses of the web.

Before you type in your credit card number, you should ensure the site you’re on has a lock icon that says “secure” or “verified”. This is a trust seal that indicates the website works with a security firm to protect their data. There are other signs to look out for, but this is the biggest indicator of security.

This tip applies to any website you hope to share contact or financial information, especially when you’re looking for a personal loan. An online lender like MoneyKey protects your financial data by using secure socket layer encryption and Verified Site Certificates. You can also see a lock icon next to when you’re in Chrome. By clicking on this icon, you can see that the connection is secure, and the certificates are valid.

3. Use incognito mode

On your meandering way to this article, you’ve probably already clicked ‘accept’ to at least one cookie consent notice. Most people don’t really think about what they’re accepting when they click this button. Generally, cookies won’t affect the average browsing experience — unless, of course, you’re shopping.

Cookies are little pieces of data a website stores on your computer through your browser. For the most part, they’re used so a website can load faster when you return to a page or auto-fill forms you’ve already completed. But when it comes to online retailers, cookies can affect the price you pay.

In the past, this cookie debacle has mainly influenced the travel industry, but its effects are widespread. Plenty of retailers increase their prices when cookies show you’ve looked at an item before.

The next time you shop around for the best price, do it in incognito mode. Though it still shares some of your data, this privacy setting won’t store your history or cookies, so websites can’t inflate prices between visits.

4. Know your priorities

According to the latest CNBC All-American Economic Survey, 76 percent of Americans plan to do most of their holiday shopping at just one website: Amazon. Its nearest competitor, Walmart, trails behind with just 8 percent of respondents saying they’ll do most of their shopping at the chain retailer.

When asked what helps them decide where to shop, they ranked the following factors in order:

1. Free shipping (43 percent placed this as the most important)

2. The ability to compare prices (26 percent)

3. Availability of product information (18 percent)

How do you compare? It’s a good question to ask yourself, as this will impact where you end up shopping over the Thanksgiving weekend. Once you know your priorities, you can find out what retailers offer what you want. From there, you can research what deals are available. Doing a bit of research beforehand can help you avoid sharing your credit card number with malicious websites and scammers.

Shopping during the Thanksgiving weekend has always been risky. At the mall, you had to brave the chaotic crowds ready to physically fight for the last TV on sale. Online, you have to navigate scams and malicious website intent on stealing your data.

Luckily, shopping online safely is a lot easier than dodging a stampeding crowd — especially when you follow the tips above. Go incognito to spy on deals and remember to use just one credit card for all your online shopping. Though these may seem simple enough, these shopping tricks could stop you from exposing your financial data to the wrong sources and save you a huge headache during the holidays.