There are 169 occupations, if not more, that require a college degree. Is your career field one of those 169 occupations?

Heading off to college is a big step towards the beginning of your future. Not only does graduating from college prepare you for a new career in a field you’re interested in, but it also provides you with many other opportunities. Attending college comes with several benefits that you can’t get anywhere else.

Before that can happen, though, you need to review your college essentials checklist. Going to college is an exciting experience that might leave you feeling nervous at times as well.

To help ease some of those nerves and ensure you’re prepared for the semester ahead of you, continue reading below. Here are all the essentials you need before seeking a college education!

Health Records

When you were in elementary and middle school, you most likely remember visiting the doctor’s office for a regular checkup, physical, and vaccines before each new school year. In high school, you might have needed to get a physical done before playing sports.

College is no exception. Before you can attend classes, you must submit all of your health records to the university. You might have to do this before the school allows you to sign up for classes.

If you don’t have updated health records, then ask the college if they offer a clinic on campus for students. Most campuses have an on-site clinic where students can quickly obtain any required health records.

A Major in Mind

If this is your first year in college, then you might not have an exact idea of what you want to major in. This is normal, so don’t panic. You might also know exactly what you want to major in and then switch career paths halfway through college.

This is okay as well. College isn’t about knowing exactly what you want to do, taking those classes, and graduating (although you certainly can go about it this way). For many, however, college is about the experience.

This is where many students figure out what it is they want to do with the rest of their lives. You might not figure it out until your last year, but with so many professors, advisors, other college students, and various courses to take, you’re sure to find your path down the road.

Take your time if needed and explore your options. Speak with advisors about your interests and what might be a right fit for you. You may end up learning about a degree you never knew existed.

For example, if you graduate with a liberal arts degree, you have more options than you might think. You can become a teacher with this degree, and that’s just one option! Always speak with professors, other college students, and advisors to help you find the right degree for you.

A Class Schedule

Unlike high school and all grades below it, you won’t be given a printed-out, pre-selected class schedule. No one will choose your classes for you in college. You can always visit an advisor to have them help you create your schedule, but the classes you take are ultimately up to you.

If you do have a specific major in mind, then you’ll receive a sheet of courses you must take to graduate with that major. Use this sheet as a reference and start selecting your classes. You should be able to do this on the college’s website after logging in to your account.

Make sure to choose times that work well for you and courses you’d like to take during the same semester. For example, it’s always nice to have two or three main courses and one or two elective courses.

Course-Specific Textbooks

You won’t know what textbooks you need until you sign up for your classes. After signing up for a class, your professor will send out a syllabus. Read the syllabus thoroughly.

On the syllabus, there’s a list of required textbooks. You can then visit the campus bookstore to buy or rent your texts. Do some research to determine if there’s a used bookstore near campus where you can also buy or rent texts at a discounted price.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your professors as well to determine if you do, in fact, need the text for class since some professors don’t use it.

Classroom Supplies

You may be tempted to hit up your local office supplies store and purchase a multitude of index cards, sticky notes, highlighters, and pens. Stop right there. Also located on the syllabi given to you by your professors will be a list of items required for their classes.

To save money, only buy what’s needed. You can get a few packs of pens and pencils since you’ll need those in every class, but don’t go all out until you know exactly what’s needed. You can also purchase a laptop and headphones, as you’ll need these throughout your entire college career.

Dorm Room Essentials

Not every college student stays on campus in a dorm room. If you are staying in a dorm, then it’s time to start shopping for all your dorm room essentials. Think of it as your own little apartment.

Microwaves, toaster ovens, mini-fridges, comforter sets, safe boxes, organizational storage bins, and decorations are all common items found in a dorm room. Try to bring what you can from home to save money, such as your own TV, bed sets, hangers, and anything else you can bring along.

A Weekly Planner

Taking multiple college courses at one time is expected, but that doesn’t make it easy. When going to college full-time, you’re going to have a lot of assignments and due dates to remember. If you don’t have a planner, then it can get overwhelming.

Keep a weekly planner with you everywhere you go. Make sure to buy one with lots of space for notes under each date. You can then add assignments, quizzes, projects, and tests down in your planner, so nothing’s forgotten.

What’s on Your College Essentials Checklist?

What items will you include in your own college essentials checklist? Make sure to review all of the items listed in our checklist above to help you create your own. It’s also beneficial to bring healthy, high-protein snacks and a refillable water bottle with you while on campus.

With all of these essential items on hand, you’re prepared to have an amazing college experience! Want to learn more about becoming a teacher and what jobs are available? Be sure to visit here daily for new helpful posts.

Your diploma is an important document that displays your educational accomplishments. So when you are looking for your high school diploma and/or college diploma, it is easy to panic with good reason.

Many employers or other educational institutions still ask for diplomas or other proofs of graduation. If not, then you can lose the chance of getting a better job or educational prospect. So how do you get a new diploma if you cannot find yours?

If you’ve ever exclaimed to yourself “I lost my diploma!”, this article will tell you how to fix it and replace your diploma.

Ask Your High School or College for a Diploma Replacement

Oftentimes, your high school or college will have a school district or registrar’s office that will allow you to get a new one. A registrar’s office is a good place to request a new one since they maintain all student records and transcripts.

Each school or college will have different procedures for obtaining a new diploma. To request a new one, prove your identity by sending a copy of your ID or telling them important information like your date of birth. You might need to pay a small fee for a copy of your diploma to be sent to you.

Write an Order to Replace a High School or College Diploma

When you contact your high school or college, sometimes they may need a written request for a diploma replacement to process it in their system. Some of the points that need to be attached to the request include:

  • Driver’s license or passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Notarized copy of the Letter of Appointment of Executor or Power of Attorney
  • The reason you need a diploma replacement
  • Degree(s) earned
  • Name of the institution and graduation date

What exactly the school needs will vary depending on their policies.

Get It Through the Mail

Once you have that information, you will need to fill out the request application and send it in the mail to your high school or college.

When it is sent, finding a new diploma in the mail will take time. It may take four to six weeks to get a new high school or college diploma. But, some colleges and universities may have the replacement process take up to ten weeks to fulfill.

When You Say “I Lost My Diploma”, Find a Solution ASAP

“I lost my diploma!” It’s a sentence many of us do not want to say or realize has happened. In the event you lose your diploma, it is a situation you should solve as soon as possible. Hopefully, the advice listed above can help you get a new version of your diploma in as little time as possible.

We hope this article about diploma replacement helps you out in the unfortunate chance it happens to you. For more educational articles that can help you out, check out the other articles we have in the Education section.

If you are considering improving your knowledge in certain areas, online training may be the route to take. There are many different classes and companies that offer training for those trying to increase knowledge, get certifications, and become more proficient in what they are doing.

1. Level of Knowledge You Are Seeking

You have to consider any of the online training classes that you seek is the level of knowledge you are trying to acquire. Some online training courses are going to offer a general knowledge base where you get a basic understanding of an array of different applications. There are other more in-depth online Microsoft training courses that offer in-depth courses that can be used to get certifications. 

People who need to know a vast amount of knowledge in one area should consider classes with levels. Some areas are so vast that there will be a need for multiple classes to get a better understanding of the concept.

2. Price Of Classes

It is also essential to consider what prices are being paid for the classes that you desire. You want to make sure that you are getting something that is affordable. Sometimes the classes may be bundled so that you can take different courses at different times. This gives you a more flexible way to pay for your learning experience online.

When you see a price for certain courses, you should not assume that this is the only price available. There are a multitude of websites that offer training on the same subjects at varying prices. When you compare the different websites and the style of the videos and training material, you understand what you need for your online training experience.

3. Mobile Apps vs. Websites

A lot of people are on the go, and mobile apps are a part of their everyday lives. So many people do not even own computers. Those that are in this situation need to know if there are apps available for their tablets and smartphones.

 It is easy to assume that any training app with a website will also be one that has a mobile app to accompany it. This is true for a plethora of online training sites, but that is not always the case. It is better to check into this before you spend money and make assumptions about a mobile app that does not exist.

4. Notes for Classes / Practice Tests

It is important to find online courses that also have training materials that can be printed that are stored in written format on your various devices. Some online courses will have PDF files that can be downloaded with notes that summarise the training videos. 

There are also apps and websites for online training courses to have practice tests. People that are planning to get certifications should definitely seek online courses that have this type of material. A lot of people can sit through videos and thoroughly understand the concept. However, taking a test can prove that there are a lot of things that you don’t know. This is why it is important to consider those sites with multiple practice tests that you can take to better realise what you have learned.

5. Length of Classes 

It is very important to know the length of the classes before you start any online training. Some people do not do well with long lengthy videos. If you have a short attention span, you may want to consider those training sites that have broken up topics into smaller segments with a multitude of different videos. 

If you are someone who likes the video’s length and a shorter amount of videos, you may want courses that have larger videos. Sometimes it all comes down to the amount of space that you have on your phone. You may not want to use your mobile data for watching videos when you are away from home. You may want an app that allows you to download videos, and size is going to play a very big part in this. If you are getting online training courses that you can download you need to make sure that you have sufficient space on your devices to accommodate these downloads.

6. Reputation 

Your ultimate plan should revolve around the reputation of the online courses that you are interested in. There are going to be a ton of forums that highlight a number of these different classes. People will talk candidly about how they feel about the training. You will have a thorough understanding of various users of these online course studies of what you can expect before you pay your money and sign up.

Seeking a female companion whenever you need one is more convenient when you get in touch with a professional escort service agency. You can choose the person that interests you, indicate your preferences, and enter into a business agreement.

You can have a beautiful companion and enjoy the services you need without being responsible for maintaining a relationship or a long-term commitment. With an escort service agency, you will never be without a companion, if you wish, and enjoy the other pleasures your female companion will give to satisfy your fantasies and make your intimate dreams come true.

However, it is still important to choose the right escort service agency so you are not short-changed.

Tips for finding the right escort service provider

If you need female companionship, you can find several agencies online. You should still choose the right agency to make sure that you do not waste your money.

A professional escort service agency in London, for example, has a catalogue of London escorts who are trained and experienced in providing the pleasures you seek. You want to fulfil a sexual fantasy. You want to experience great sex. You want something different from your partner is willing to do. But sometimes it’s not all about sex. Sometimes you want to talk to relieve your stress and worries. Sometimes you want to be with someone who does want to have a long-term commitment.

You should understand that professional escort service agencies provide a waiver. The main service they offer is companionship and other services beyond that is an arrangement between you and the escort you picked.

Extensive catalogue

When you check an escort service agency, see if it offers you plenty of options. You want to experience something different, so you should look for an agency with a wide range of escorts so you can choose the one that fits your requirements. Choose one that allows you to read some information about each one, including their rates, vital statistics, and nationality.

Process of payment

It’s vital to understand the payment process before committing yourself to the escort service provider. Protect yourself from fraud by knowing how you should pay for the services you want.

Official website

Ensure that you are dealing with a professional agency since most of the transaction processes are online. See to it that the agency provides an email and phone numbers so you can call them anytime.

Escorts are of legal age

Choose a professional escort service agency that clearly provides the legal age of the escorts they represent. Professional escort service agencies conform to the law and do not represent under-aged escorts.

Privacy and discretion

Please read the fine print, the FAQs, or About Us pages on the agency’s website. A professional escort service provider includes information on protecting your privacy and what they do to ensure that the business transaction remains discrete.

Choosing the right escort agency will help you find a wonderful dinner companion, enjoy a few hours in the company of a beautiful woman, or have someone with you, so you are not alone while on vacation.

While gambling has been a part of human life for centuries back, civilization has not always been as aware of the risks it poses. Nowadays, the situation has been greatly clarified, with a specific definition outlining the condition as gambling addiction, i.e. problem gambling.

Due to advances in technology and communications industries, this form of entertainment has become all the more available and convenient. This caused the effects of such a problem to be all the more evident and widespread, ultimately turning into a classifiable addiction. In order to help problem gamblers or those likely to become, extensive efforts have been placed in identifying the signs of the condition, the best prevention and the criteria for suitable help and treatment services.

Signs of Problem Gambling

Problem gamblers are often identified through a series of signs that indicate a certain change in their physical appearance, health, emotional and psychological state, as well as their financial and professional side of life.

Some of the most commonly recognized signs in problem gamblers include borrowing money or stealing precious items or cash, as well as an obsession with betting of any kind. Restlessness is also common in such instances, as well as lack of attention and focus in otherwise normal occurrences.

The obsession to gambling often leads to the need to lie in order to cover it up, so avoiding the truth is another key sign of problem gambling. If not detected and properly treated in due time, these signs become more evident.

Problem Gambling – Preventive Measures

The road to gambling is rather smooth and inauspicious, especially nowadays when people are practically encouraged to try out the latest tech advances and have fun in the meantime. Online platforms provide the perfect solution, and people with specific problems could get carried away.

One rather successful preventive measure identifies this form of entertainment as a relief option – people who are constantly under stress, pressure and criticism are thus most subjected to the urge to take up gambling. Should anyone find themselves under such circumstances, it is advisable to try and look for an alternative activity to relieve the anxiety. That way, even if they do come in contact to gambling practices, it won’t hold the same appeal as it once did.

Preventing problem gambling can also be done in the early stages of its development – find a suitable support group, give up a strenuous job, activity or environment, or simply reduce the time spent on casino floors. Some problem gamblers fight the urge to gamble by giving themselves a time span of 5, 10, 30 minutes per say, just so that it subsides and they are finally able to overcome it. You can read useful information about gambling prevention at

Problem Gambling Treatment Services

Once the issue has been recognized, many services have stepped up claiming to offer the most suitable treatment to gambling addiction, especially since it works the same as substance abuse. So far, treatment has become available as residential rehab programs, cognitive therapy, group/family therapy and counseling, as well as identification and treatment for the causal disorder – OCD, ADHD, chronic depression, panic attacks etc.

In less than 15 years from now, retail as we know it, might no longer exist. The traditional brick and mortar stores where customers walk down the aisles picking out their goods will be the exception rather than the norm. With advances in technology and especially with the advent of online retailing, sites like Amazon have risen to fifth place in sales ranking, gradually displacing the conventional retail shops.

A recent article from Forbes magazine demonstrated that last year’s sales from physical retail outlets in the UK accounted for 91% of total revenue and there has been a growth of over 50% in the number of physical retail outlets. However, the undeniable evidence before us shows that online retailing is rapidly gaining the ground to eclipse the number of sales that are seen from physical retailers.

As of today, retail remains the single largest private sector employer in the UK, accounting for more than 1 in 10 people in the workforce. However with the advent of E-commerce, a major downsizing is going on in the traditional retail outlet and stores and retail giants such as Toys ‘R Us, have fallen under this onslaught. Surprisingly as these old giants fall, newer retail outlets are springing up to take their place.

Some would argue that the reason retail stores as we know them now may still be in existence years to come, is the customer experience and physical interaction they offer which cannot be found online. In actual fact, most of these newer outlets are combining physical shopping experiences with online shopping in a bid to keep up with current trends.

The phrase the customer is king has never been more apt as now, as newer technological trends such as AI are being used to monitor customer experience in both online and physical stores. For example, it can be used to find out which sections and products in a store customers naturally gravitate towards, with the intent to prioritize the stocking of these areas more popular goods and services.

Experts predict that the retail stores of the future will not be outlets for the displaying of physical goods for purchase, but media for advertisement and social interaction. Here, customers can go to immerse themselves in brand experiences and brands can gain useful insights from customer engagement. We’ve already seen Apple take big strides with implementing this concept.

The implementation of technology would lead to less physical purchasing of goods and instead offer customers the experience of immersion in virtual reality shopping. This might take the form of enabling them a variety of experiences from the comfort of their homes as good as or better than what they would have if they were shopping in a physical store.

In this era of digital revolution and technological advancement, the key to remaining relevant in the retail business is Innovation. Even with the proliferation of shop and retail insurance packages and other cushions targeted at ensuring that conventional retail businesses don‘t have to worry about failure, innovation is still vital. The intergration of technology and innovation into your existing business model is vital for survival.

These small groups of Islands are definitely in the bucket list of every nature enthusiast, and it is not a surprise as the archipelago offers something that many destinations don’t, which is close encounters with the endemic species that inhabit the Galapagos Islands.

Due to the islands’ remote location and unique environmental conditions, the species that inhabited them got to evolve without human intervention. So, when Charles Darwin arrived in 1835, he was immediately caught into the archipelago’s unique features that will later inspire his famous theory of evolution, changing natural history forever and the Islands became instantly known worldwide.

But what was special about the Galapagos islands? –Darwin wrote the Journal of Researches into the Natural History and Geology of every country he visited during his expedition on board the H.M.S Beagle, and in its first edition, he stated that the species that he found in the Galapagos were very similar to the other species in South America. Of course, in future editions, he changed this statement. During his voyage in the Galapagos, he realized that there were species that varied from Island to Island in order to adapt and survive. The most famous example is the different types of finches that could be found on each Island. This was what inspired his theory of natural selection.

Galapagos tourism evolution

More than 150 years has passed, and the Galapagos wildlife is still not intimidated by the presence of human activity around them. Even though tourism has become the main economic activity in the Galapagos, you will still encounter with playful sea lions resting in the middle of the towns, land iguanas roaming around and waiting for you to visit them.

Is there a way to explore the archipelago just like Darwin did? -A way that can evoke the nostalgia of the times when Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos or when the first researchers explored them, the old fashioned way of cruising making this trip of a lifetime filled with unforgettable experiences.

An indulgent way to follow Darwin’s footsteps is to get on a barefoot luxury cruise in the Galapagos.

Most of us are not really related to that concept. But it is definitely something you will be looking for during your vacations in the Galapagos Islands. Getting away from the 24/7 world and its technology, admire the jaw-dropping landscapes and fearless wildlife of the Galapagos without worrying about anything. Enjoy the simplicity of the world and feel adventurous without sacrificing comfort.

Two perfect vessels that will give you a barefoot luxury experience in the Galapagos Islands are WildAid’s Passion and Alya:

Alya Catamaran:

This First-class catamaran is one of the newest in the Galapagos Islands. Specially designed to provide you a luxurious experience on board. Every detail has been taken care of, from food to service, accommodations, and equipment.

You will enjoy the endless views of the ocean during this cruise. Eight of its nine cabins have a private balcony where you can enjoy the breeze of the ocean during navigations. Offering an ultimate level of intimacy with the archipelago.

The cruise itinerary was designed to take you to iconic visitor sites, making the experience not only about comfort, but experience too. You will have the opportunity to visit San Cristobal Island, Española Island, Santa Cruz Island, North Seymour Island, Genovesa Island, Santiago Island and Batholomew.

WildAid’s Passion:

This former private yacht was never used before for tourism. After being refurbished, it started operating in the Galapagos Islands. This yacht features 2 suites and 4 staterooms that can fit no more than 12 passengers in its exclusive 159 feet. You can choose from two itineraries of 8 days each that go to the main visitor sites of the Western and Eastern part of the Islands.

On the Western itinerary, you will visit iconic Islands such as: Santa Cruz Island, Floreana, Isabela, Fernandina, Santiago, North Seymour, and Mosquera.

During the Eastern itinerary, you will visit: Santa Cruz Island, South Plazas, Santa Fe, Española Island, Rabida, Santiago Island, and Genovesa.

Or you can take a 15-day itinerary where you will do a full route!

This itinerary was designed by Andando Tours’ CEO, Fiddi Angermeyer, one of the first men who started the business of cruising the Islands.

Just like Charles Darwin did on the H.M.S Beagle, you will visit Floreana Island, Isabela Island, Genovesa and Santiago (Wolf and Darwin can only be reached by liveaboards, and there is no landing allowed on those Islands).

Are you ready to follow Darwin’s footsteps in a fancier way?

You’ve thought about the benefits, weighed the pros and cons, and you’ve decided that college prep is the right choice for your child. Now comes the part you’ve been worrying about – the application process. Seen by some as a precursor to the college admittance process, getting into a college preparatory school comes with its pitfalls and challenges. Luckily, there are a few ways to make the admission process a little less stressful and increase your odds of getting the answer you’re hoping for.

1. Do Your Research

This is a big decision, so take your time and do your homework. You want to make sure the school has the things you and your child are looking for. Does it focus on a well-rounded child? Are arts a priority? What is the community like? The more information you have, the better equipped you’ll be to make the right choice for your child.

2. Get the Letters

College prep is about more than just academics – it’s about creating well-rounded individuals. The school will look to recommendation letters to get an idea of what your child is like academically and socially. As such a significant part of the process, make these a priority early on. Find the teachers or coaches that know your child personally and will speak well of them both socially and academically. And get started soon: writing a good letter takes time, and you want to make sure you get them all in before the deadline.

3. Be Punctual

Speaking of deadlines, check them. Double-check them. Recheck them. These are not flexible dates. Get your application (and all the transcripts and recommendation letters) in as soon as they’re done, not when it’s down to the wire.

4. Be Honest

Of course, you want your child to get into college prep, but you also want it to be the right place for them. Don’t fudge the details to make your child seem like a better applicant; it’s easy to see through and ultimately will backfire. Instead, let your child’s unique skills and personality shine through in all the answers (and particularly their essay). The right school will appreciate your child for exactly who they are.

5. Focus on the Essay

The essay is a vital part of the application process: it lets your child have their voice and express their thoughts and opinions. College prep schools take these very seriously, and so should you. Read over the topic thoroughly, and have your child think about their answer. Review their rough drafts and help them with their grammar; after all, you want the essay to put your child’s best face forward.

6. Nail the Interview

Generally, college prep schools ask for an interview before making their decision. Most schools consider the in-person interview to be critical, so make it your priority to do this in-person if at all possible. The interview is the perfect time for your child to shine. If they’re nervous, you can do practice interviews with them to set them at ease. You want your child to feel confident, prepared, and ready to take on the world. The right attitude can make or break a college prep school interview, so make sure your child is prepared for anything.