As environmental pollution in the United States is becoming increasingly serious, our health is adversely affected by the polluted air surrounding us. According to CNBC, more than 1.35 million people in the US currently live in contaminated air.

Fine dust in the air has a particle smaller than a piece of hair and puts our health and life at risk if inhaled consistently. When accumulated in the body, fine dust can cause asthma and respiratory diseases, and worsen lung health in the long term. While the outcomes are serious, many fail to notice the effects of poor-quality air early on.

So, what are the measures we can take to protect our health from polluted air? First, you should inspect the air quality of your residence. Weather forecasts only inform the level of ozone and fine dust outside, and never the air quality indoors where people spend most of their time nowadays. It’s impossible for individuals to find this information without an air measurement system in the building or build such facility personally as it would cost a fortune.

Real time alerts for air pollutants ‘AirNotis’

Interested in a smart device that provides real time alerts on air quality and best timing for ventilation? Look out for the ‘AirNotis’ campaign currently going viral on Kickstarter.

‘AirNotis’ is a high-performance, portable air quality monitor that measures air quality anywhere from indoors to outdoors. Equipped with a highly effective sensor, ‘AirNotis’ preciosuly measures six major types of air quality: CO (carbon monoxide), CO2 (carbon dioxide), Temperature, Humidity, VOC, and three types of fine dust (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10).

CO (carbon monoxide) is one of the odorless and colorless gas that is not easily recognizable despite its harmful effects on human body. When we burn fuels for cooking appliances or heating devices, CO (carbon monoxide) is produced and can cause headache, fatigue, or nausea when inhaled.

Many cases of CO poisoning occur every year during camping or in a closed space, and often end up deadly. Ventilating at the right time is crucial to avoid the dangers of CO poisoning. With ‘AirNotis’, you can measure the surrounding air quality that cannot be detected by human eyes or nose and receive real time alerts when it’s time for a ventilation. ‘AirNotis’ will notify you immediately when air pollutants exceed the certain level, keeping you and the surrounding air healthy.

‘AirNotis’ and its high-performance sensors optimized for measuring air!

Equipped with a variety of sensors to detect each harmful substance in the air, ‘AirNotis’ measures air quality with high accuracy.

‘AirNotis’ measures CO (carbon monoxide) up to 500ppm with an electrochemical sensor and notifies when its concentration exceeds 50ppm. For CO2 (carbon dioxide), the device detects up to 40,000ppm with the error range of ±50ppm (+5%), and notifies when CO2 concentration exceeds 1,500ppm.

With ‘AirNotis’, measure the level of VOC generated from building materials or office supplies via metal oxide methods, and even detect fine dust of various sizes with a laser sensor. Use ‘AirNotis’ to check your air quality anywhere and keep your surroundings clean and pleasant. If ventilated at the right time, you will experience improved concentration at work, and less fatigue and drowsiness resulting from contaminated air.

Now is the time to meet ‘AirNotis’ on Kickstartermanage the air you breathe and stay healthy!