Caster wheels must be replaced when worn, damaged, or corrupted. These parts are essential for caster integrity and can prevent costly repairs.

Shock-absorbing casters provide a cushioned ride that reduces shock loads and vibration that can be transferred to sensitive equipment. They can also reduce noise levels when moving carts or racks across uneven floors and terrains.

Check the Bearings

Wheel bearings are one of the most critical components of a vehicle. They keep the wheels on a hub and allow them to spin smoothly around the axle, enabling the car to turn and steer.

A typical wheel bearing has small balls or rollers that roll between two smooth metal rings. They come in several different types and sizes.

Usually, they are sealed in a waterproof, grease-filled metal housing. These bearings are crucial to a vehicle’s braking, steering, and suspension systems.

If your wheels have looseness in them or you hear a clicking sound, it could be an indication of worn wheel bearings. This is usually a gradual degradation that gets worse over time.

An excellent way to check your bearings is by grabbing the sides of your tires and pulling them in and out. Looseness in any direction indicates a wrong path.

Check the Wheels

A dual-wheel caster can increase your load capacity multiple times while distributing it more effectively and lessening the risk of scratches and scrapes. Using dual wheel shock absorbing casters for your lighter loads can also save money on maintenance and repairs.

The patented shock absorber on these casters has several uses, including keeping the wheels rolling in high-traffic areas and preventing carts from overheating. Other benefits include reducing noise and extending the life of casters, bearings, and wheels. The best part is that these casters are easy to install, operate and maintain. The only drawback is the expense involved in replacing a faulty caster. The proper caster can improve the quality of your work and your bottom line! Shop for the best one for your needs, and let us help you keep it in top condition.

Check the Hardware Fittings

If you have dual-wheel shock absorber casters, it’s essential to check the hardware fittings. These parts keep the wheels on the caster and secure them to your cart or dolly.

To do this, check the frame bolt that goes through the shock eyelet. It usually measures 8mm or 20mm, depending on the brand.

Next, check the width of the frame where the shock sits. It may say something like “m8x30” or “bearing compatible.”

Lastly, you’ll want to look for the o-rings on either side of the bushing. These can be pushed in manually if you have poly/IGUS or metal DU bushings, but you’ll also find little nips on the outer edge, which you slide into place. Once everything is in place, pop the shock in the vise and tighten it to center it all.

Check the Wheel’s Integrity

Checking the wheel’s integrity is vitally important to ensure the smooth operation of your machine. There are several tests to look for to determine whether or not the wheel is in working condition.

The ring test is an excellent way to assess the wheel’s durability. This simple but effective test uses four tapped points to measure the wheel’s strength. If the wheel passes this test, it should provide a clear metallic tone when taping it at all four points.

A similar test is the ring of thorns. This specialized test measures the hardness of a particular material and its ability to transmit sound vibrations. It is less comprehensive than the ring test, but it does the trick and may be able to alert you to a potential problem with your wheel.