One of the most discussed topics during the pandemic year of 2020 was the “metaverse.” The term metaverse comes from the combination of meta and universe, which defines realistic three dimensional virtual spaces. As COVID-19 pushed the daily lifestyle to remote lifestyle, the demand for the metaverse has increased.

In 1992, Neal Stephenson coined the term “metaverse” in his novel “Snow Crash.” In 2020, the term globally spread out when NVIDIA CEO said, “The era of the metaverse is coming.” There is no doubt that the metaverse is now a global phenomenon that interacts with majority of the industries.

Metaverse X Cycle makes exercise fun

There have been attempts to implement metaverse into the fitness industry, but only a few companies were able to lead to commercialization. However, the world’s first indoor bike with the metaverse gaming application, called DETS BIKE Pro, has just launched on Kickstarter. DETS BIKE Pro is an indoor bike with a gamification controller built by a self-developed technology. Both handlebars are specifically designed to provide an optimal environment for both gaming and exercise at the same time.

One of the reasons why getting into a consistent home training routine is hard is because it requires full motivation and interest. DETS BIKE Pro will keep you motivated to maintain a consistent workout routine.

With 28 different gaming stages, DETS BIKE Pro will immerse users into the game while riding the indoor bike. The experience is different from when users simply follow the cycling instructions. The more you focus on the game, the more you will be immersed in your workout to forget about the fatigue and maintain the motivational level.

Exercise together in the metaverse!

Inside the extremely saturated fitness market, this metaverse gaming bike surely stands out. The biggest advantage of the metaverse is the seamless connection between the real world and the virtual world. As soon as a user get on this bike, a user can connect with other users in real time and experience the joy of gaming and exercising all together.

Users can choose their favorite gaming modes. In Training Mode, users can focus on their workout while competing for the top spot on the system ranking board. Boss Battle Mode is highly recommended for users who want to clear missions through team playing. Adventure Mode is perfect for users want to focus on clearing stages with various missions. Multiplayer Mode is for users who want to build teamwork and interaction while accomplishing the same goal with each other.

The joy of exercising shared with other players is a joy made double.

DETS BIKE Pro heats up the 2022 Fit Expo with its innovation.

DETES BIKE Pro was praised by participants and attendees who actually had their hands on the bike and left positive feedback. One parent quoted, “This will help a lot to remove my kids from the TV screen.” An athlete also quoted, “The games are so cool that you don’t even realize you’re doing cardio.”

Enjoy playing games with your family and friends while keeping up with healthy workout routines with DETS BKE Pro. You’ll be craving to workout on the metaverse gaming bike every day.

Meet DETS BIKE Pro, a new type of workout experience, now available on Kickstarter!

On average, internet users in the US visit over 130 web pages daily.

If your company wants to stand out on the web, you must have a site that stands out. It can be challenging when there are so many sites and websites out there, but you can do it.

Read on to learn about the types of websites to inspire you in building your small business website and become one of the billions of lively websites on the internet.

eCommerce Websites

You use eCommerce websites to sell products or services online, and they need to be able to handle transactions efficiently. These websites must also integrate with other systems to be effective. They must have features in accounting and inventory management.

Building an eCommerce website can be complex, but many platforms and providers can help. Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform allowing businesses to create and manage online stores.

Shopify provides everything businesses need to create a professional eCommerce website. Its features include templates, shopping carts, payment processing, and more. Most CMS offer a range of specialized templates, like a clothing sale website template, that already has containers for product information, CTA, checkout, etc.

Social Media Websites

Businesses can use social media to connect with customers and create a community around your brand. These sites allow users to share content, interact with other users, and stay up-to-date on what’s happening with your company. Businesses should properly utilize social media as it has a lot of users globally.

Building a website can be challenging for new and small businesses. Working with digital advertising companies can offer us web design tips that ensure a successful website. Check out this link as it can offer lots of information and advice on web development you can find here.

Landing Pages

A landing page is a website page that allows you to get your user’s contact information through a lead capture form. The form asks for a visitor’s name, email address, and phone number. Landing pages are a valuable tool for businesses because they allow you to generate leads that the sales or marketing team can follow up with.

Brochure Websites

It is a type of website that promotes a service, product, or business. These types of websites are usually static, as businesses would not need to make changes frequently.

The content on a brochure website is organized into sections, with each team showcasing a different aspect of the business. Brochure websites often include an about us section for testimonials, a section for products or services, and a contact us section.

Portfolio Websites

A portfolio website allows you to showcase your work in a professional and organized manner, and can be a great way to attract new clients and customers. When creating a portfolio website, be sure to include high-quality images and descriptions of your work, as well as your contact information.

Know the Types of Websites Best Suited for Your Business

Businesses need a website that is easy to use, informative, and engaging. Your website should depend on the size and type of business and the products and services offered. A simple guide to different types of websites can help you choose the right one for your company.

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Did you know that the web design services industry was worth approximately $40.8 billion in 2020?

Your website is the first port of call for potential customers, so it’s crucial that you make a strong first impression. Designing a website that enhances your customer experience can help boost traffic and enhance your conversion rates.

If you want to create an impactful landing page for your website, it pays to do some research beforehand. Fortunately, we’ve done some of the legwork for you.

Read on for our top web design tips.

1. Keep It Clutter-Free

When designing a website for your business, keep the layout clean and succinct. A minimalist yet impactful design sets a tone of professionalism and puts your services in an excellent spotlight.

Make use of blank space and allow your website to breathe. This will create an enjoyable user experience for anybody who visits your site. You can use an online website builder to find concise website design ideas.

Keep your website design consistent with your branding to boost brand awareness and give your site a more professional look.

2. Be Mobile Friendly

For your website to be effective, it must be mobile-friendly. Consumers spend hours on their mobile phones each day, and most rely on these devices to make purchases. Your mobile website needs to provide a great customer experience to encourage return users.

If potential consumers struggle to navigate your site using their mobile devices, they’re likely to look elsewhere. Furthermore, a poor mobile user experience can damage your website’s search engine rankings, making it more difficult for new customers to find you.

3. Simplify Navigation

Don’t make the mistake of focusing solely on aesthetics when developing your website. However, a beautifully designed website is useless if it’s hard to navigate.

Identify the parts of your website with the highest visitor traffic. Potential consumers will want to know the prices of your items, your hours of operation, and how to contact you.

Thus, each of these categories should have clear and visible links across your site, allowing your visitors to find what they’re looking for effortlessly.

4. Enlist a Professional Development Service

While learning these fundamental website design principles is an excellent start, it may not be enough to achieve the engagement you need. That is why there are specialists available to help you create an impactful and functional website design.

If you want to construct a small business and need some assistance, check out for comprehensive development and design services.

Winning Web Design Tips

Designing a website for your business is an integral part of cementing your online presence and attracting both new and repeat customers.

By streamlining the design of your site, improving cross-platform navigation, and calling the pros when needed, you’ll create a small business website you can be proud of. These web design tips are the first step in achieving that goal.

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For the last five years, tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee has been hosting an annual event: the smartphone awards. If you’re one of Marques’ 7.6 million subscribers, you know that he’s constantly reviewing the latest smartphones year after year. The man has seen and experienced more than most when it comes to handset technology, making him uniquely qualified to hand out these awards.

And so, without further ado, let’s get into it. Here are the top big smartphones of 2018 according to Marques Brownlee.

The runner Up: Huawei Mate 20 Pro

According to Marques, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro “killed it”. Despite getting some international heat (more on that later), the Mate 20 Pro might be worth all the drama. It consistently earned top marks for its larger than life features.

For one thing, it earned best smartphone camera of 2018 from Android Central for its trio of Leica lenses, including:

  • a 40-MP main (f/1.8)
  • an 8-MP telephoto (f/2.4)
  • a 20-MP ultra-wide (f/2.2)

Its super-charged battery also plays a big part in why it places as the runner up. At 4,200mAh battery, it’s bigger than most batteries found in other 2018 flagships. It also out-performs these other smartphones with some early reviewers saying the battery lasted more than a full day of heavy use.

Despite its glowing review, that’s not to say the Mate 20 Pro has had an easy run. The Chinese telecom company has hit some snags — namely the US government. Congress banned any US government employee from being able to use Huawei devices, and in an act of goodwill, American carriers chose not to stock any Mate devices from that point onwards.

Now, Trump is mulling over an official ban on Huawei that would come in the form of an executive order levied against all Huawei devices. This would cap all trade between the Chinese telecom company and the US, making it next to impossible for the average person to get the Mate 20 Pro in their hands.

Until then, there are ways you may be able to land this exclusive handset. Check out this post to find out more.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The crowning of the best big smartphone is a “no brainer” according to Marques as he introduces the Galaxy Note 9. That’s because the Note 9 delivers on all of the big smartphone features you want and expect in a phablet, and it does it in one of the prettiest packages on the market.

Samsung’s Infinity Edge display was made for the Note 9. Unlike the Mate Pro 20, which also boasts a bleeding edge display, the Note 9’s 6-inch AMOLED doesn’t look or feel awkward with almost zero bezels or chin. This design feature creates the largest viewing surface possible for those using their Note 9 to browse, stream, sketch, or game.

The Note 9 also possess some hardware features you’d be hard-pressed to find in other 2018 flagships, including:

  • a headphone jack
  • expandable storage options
  • an S-pen
  • no notch

The fact that these big hardware features are matched with intuitive software, including multi-window support and s-pen features is why the Note 9 is the official winner.

Which one will you choose?

If first place isn’t enough to sway you, maybe it’s not performance but protection that will sway your mind. You can find a scratch-free and grime-resistant skin for both handsets. A skin designer like dbrand creates tailormade decals for all the latest flagships. They cut each Note 9 skin and Mate 20 Pro skin with precision from premium materials. Whether you’re shopping for a Galaxy skin or a Huawei skin, you’ll find the look you need when you check these out these textures.

If you’re ready to upgrade to a new handset this year, what will it be? Will you go for a forbidden fruit that the Mate 20 Pro represents, or will you go for the true champion? In either case, you’re guaranteed one of the best smartphones available until next fall, when the next round of flagships are due.

Whether you’ve been doing gaming for years or you are a newcomer, you want your experiences to be first-rate.

That said take the time to get the right system in place. Doing otherwise can make for a less than stellar experience each time out.

With that in mind, how good are your gaming experiences?

Use Internet to Help with Your Shopping

In trying to come up with the best gaming experience possible, turning to the Internet is always a good idea.

First, go online and review some of the gaming players in this ever-growing industry. Doing so will allow you to learn more about the different brands and which one might best suit your needs at home.

Second, be sure to try out different accessories before buying a gaming set. Be it getting a good headset, or a professional gaming mouse like this razer gaming mouse, you should definitely invest in such accessories to improve your overall gaming experience.

With that being the case, shop around for a headset that delivers top-notch sound each time out. You could even put on a wish list for the holidays or your birthday the top technology gifts out there.

You might well end up with the best PS4 headset. If you do, it is definitely to your advantage when you begin to play.

Among options would be an Elite Pro 2 Headset + Superamp, Stealth 300 Headset and the Recon 200 Headset. When you have the right headset with which to work with, your gaming experience is 10 times better.

While online, see what other gamers say about their headsets and other accessories.

One way to do this is by going to social media.

Many gamers are apt to talk on sites such as Facebook or Twitter. You can also find images from gamers on sites such as Instagram. By getting their two cents on headsets and other items, you could be closer to coming up with the top experience.

Is Your Home Set up for the Best Possible Gaming?

Along with the top accessories for a stellar experience, have the right surroundings.

So, is your home conducive to allowing for a good gaming experience?

If living with others, having a room you can escape to play your games is the better choice time and time again. Otherwise, you could find distractions hampering you when you go to play your games.

With that in mind, you may well want to escape to a family room or even the bedroom. In doing so, you can close a door and let the games begin.

For any kids in the home playing such games, make sure you have rules in place for them to abide by.

An example of this would be making sure they get their schoolwork done before being allowed to play. It also means knowing when to call it quits in the evening on a school night.

When investing some money into such games, you want to be sure your experience is the best possible.

Do your research, find a good place in the home to play, and let the games begin.