Many people do not know that they can actually save good money with their mobile device. Think of your smart phone as an investment, you put a in a lot of money into buying it and now it’s time to reap the dividends.

Apart from making calls, browsing, socializing and other numerous things you currently use your phone for, there are a number of ways you can cut costs and save some money with your mobile device, be it an android – phone, iPhone or a windows based phone.

Here are 7 tips on how to save some cash with your mobile phone

  • Use the budget planner on your mobile phone to plan your daily, weekly or monthly spend. It gives you an idea whether you are going above your income and helps you decide where to cut cost if necessary. Apps like this can help you track your expenses, reduce impulse buying and help you save some cash.

  • You can also download money saving apps like the that allow you to track your credit card spend and ensure you do-not run out of cash before the month ends or to blow over your monthly limit. This app allows you to spend and save on your mobile device. Other apps are available online that can also help you make financial transactions online with your mobile phone and save the cost of having to travel all the way to your bank.

  • Make sure you are on the right plan for your calls. Select the best service provider to get the best plan for your area. If you rarely use your phone to make calls or send texts, a pay as you go option may be cheaper for you. If on the other hand you make a lot of phone calls, then a monthly payment plan may be the better option. Be on the same plan as your friends and family as this could reduce the charges on your talk time.

  • Use your phone to compare prices of items you wish to purchase online so you can decide on the best places to shop to get good prices.

  • Download free games and apps on your mobile device only if you are certain there are no hidden charges. This may mean you have to exercise some control over who has access to your phone, so they do-not unwittingly accumulate charges for you.

  • Avoid calling numbers that place extra charges on your tariff with your mobile phone. It’s cheaper to use a landline to call numbers that begin with 084, 087 and 09

  • Use Wi-Fi whenever you can to browse or download apps on your mobile phone. Use as little of your mobile data no matter how unlimited the plan could cost more than you think as background apps on your mobile could mean that your data is getting exhausted sooner than it should. Ask for a downgrade from your network service provider if you are not using your freebies.