The meaning is simple and straightforward, card counters are not allowed in casinos. Now being backed off by a casino does not mean the card counter won’t be able to play again or that the person has been banned. However, still, this is a condition to consider if you don’t want to get banned in the future. Even if a casino allows a card counter, he or she should not be popular and good at the task. If you have ever played casino or heard someone talk about it, you may have noticed that casinos throw out these players if they ever get caught. 

However, finding out the players who have been truly counting is a thoughtful process. Hence, the Emu Casino simply backs off these suspects because they don’t want to throw out their customers. 

What Happens When A Casino Backs You Off?

When a casino identifies an advantage player, they warn you by giving you a ‘back off’. This means, they simply want you to stop counting. If they back you off, they will talk with you about it. This does not necessarily mean they will kick you out of the play but they will force you to not to play blackjack with an advantage. However, getting back off does not follow the same situation in every casino. When the pit boss chats with you about it, several other situations can occur afterward. 

  • They can also ask you to not to come back to the casino anymore
  • If the pit boss asks for your ID, they have the power to ban you permanently
  • You may not be able to play blackjack again but you are allowed to play other games such as slots, roulettes, etc.
  • They may also let you play blackjack but under one condition, you won’t be able to increase the bet.

But don’t be afraid to get banned yet. Even if the pit boss wants to ban you and take your ID for the same, he will have to ask for the public’s opinion. 

How Can I Avoid a Back Off?: Tips to Remember

If you get caught, you cannot read your pit boss’s mind, neither can you change his decision. But there are some tips that can help you appear as a non-counter.

  1. Don’t spread bets like crazy. If you don’t want to appear as a card counter, don’t increase your bet in a rapid motion. From $10 to $30 is okay, but not $10-$100!
  2. If you hit a casino for a couple of shoes then don’t stay there for hours after hours like they show the movies.
  3. Play at different shifts and for different bets
  4. Change your appearance every now and then. You can also wear Groucho Marx glasses.
  5. In unity there is strength! Don’t go solo, work with a team.

These tips are going to help you avoid a ‘back off’ in casinos the next time you play. If you need more tips and strategies, tell us in the comment box below.