There are many popular online games that one can play online, some are very easy to grasp whilst others can be a more challenging. Whether playing real life games or online games we all enjoy a bit of excitement! Now Let’s take a look at the most popular online casino games:


Real Money and Free Online Slots

Again Slots is a game of luck and takes a combination of persistence and daring to win. Players need to know when to step to away and when to keep playing which can only be learnt through experience. A good way is to make the most of free online slots with SlotsCalendar to get you started!

What is exciting about Slots is the mini games that you can play to really boost your winnings. It possible to win big when you hit the jackpot! Slots are one of the most popular games online and there are many different adaptations & themes that can be played which always increase people’s interest making it one of the most popular types of online games.

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In many people’s opinion Casino Style Roulette is pure gambling and is as certainly a great adrenaline fueled game. The amateur player can start of on black or red and the more experienced gambler can opt for the numbers. What is good about Roulette is that it is very easy to resemble a real casino environment when playing online and therefore people often choose to play at home. This is why Online roulette remains one of the most popular games, the combination of ease and excitement has contributed to this legendary game lasting the time.



Black-Jack, the legendary casino game is another of the most common played. It is a game of chance and wit. The best of players know when to hit and when to sit. There is some skill required in Black-Jack and you can play for as little or as long time as you want.



Poker is a game of skill and patience, which is why people love it. Many online games are reliant purely on luck but Poker is different in this way. Strategy plays a big part in Poker and while you it is less easy to spot when someone is bluffing than in person, people are still able to use phycology and aggressive or passive strategies in order to improve their odds. Low stake games generally attract less experienced players while high stake games often attracted more skilled players.

With online poker you can usually choose to play either a ‘cash game’ where you play with a certain amount of cash and can walk away at any time. Or tournaments, which can range from heads up one on one competitions, all the way to huge ‘Sit and Go’ Tournaments with thousands of players. With the ability to choose quick games or long potentially very rewarding tournaments people tend to enjoy poker and feel that they get their moneys worth of play whether they win or lose. And if you’re looking for cool online poker games to try, simply head to to check them out.

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Bingo used to be for older people right? Well not anymore! In fact online bingo, while not a traditional online casino game is the most popular online game for women of all ages. Many websites cater particularly to this audience with Bingo which is considered a light hearted game where you can enjoy playing and win some extra cash!