Can you believe that only 29% of Americans attend a religious service each week?

Even though our lifestyles have become more jam-packed over the years, we should all strive to make time for our spirituality. One of the best things you can do for your lifestyle is increase your church involvement.

Have you ever wondered, “Why join a local church?” Keep reading our ultimate guide that breaks down the beautiful benefits.

Joining a Church Can Strengthen Your Relationship With Him

One of the greatest perks of getting involved in church is that you can prioritize your relationship with God. If you have a hard time praying on your own time, then you can feel closer by being in a house of worship and listening to His lessons.

When you check out websites like, you can find a service time that’s compatible with your schedule.

You’ll Meet Lifelong Friends at a Local Church

Since we live in a digital world, it’s easy to feel isolated from others. If you feel lonely, then you might understand how difficult it is to go out and make new friends.

Churches are one of the most welcoming places you can visit! You’re guaranteed to walk out with at least one new friend after your first service.

You Can Participate in Uplifting Church Activities

Giving to others is a beautiful way to nourish yourself as well. If you’ve ever felt like your life could use some more meaning, then participating in community service events with your local church could be the perfect solution.

You’ll feel grateful for every moment you’re there after you see how big of an impact your actions can have.

Church Membership Will Give You Invaluable Guidance

God has a way of figuring out the words that you need to hear most each day. When you go to church, he’ll provide you with answers you may not even know you’re searching for.

You can also count on other churchgoers and the clergy to listen to any problems you have and provide thoughtful, compassionate advice based on God’s wisdom.

You Can Foster a Healthier Family

Anyone who has a family should consider bringing everyone along for church visits at least once a week. During these visits, you can bond as a family while you take in the words of God.

The nicest part is that you can all discuss what you learned on the ride home. You’ll notice that your family will become much closer once you start incorporating church into your routine.

Why Join a Local Church? Now You Know the Benefits

You’re not alone if you’ve ever asked yourself, “Why join a local church?” After reading this guide on all of the top perks, you can get ready to nurture your spiritual side.

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