Although the flea lifecycle is usually quick, in certain conditions it can take months or years for a flea to progress from an egg to a full-grown flea.

This means you could have dormant flea eggs waiting for the perfect time to hatch and breed in your yard. Unfortunately, the same goes for ticks. So, even if you don’t currently have a pest problem, you could notice an influx at any time.

That’s why it’s helpful to learn about flea and tick control and how you can prevent an infestation. Both ticks and fleas can be irritating and spread diseases, so it’s crucial you keep your family and pets safe from these pesky pests.

Read on to find out more.

Tick Control Methods

If you have long grasses in your yard or a pet, ticks are also likely nearby. Eliminating ticks should be your first priority – they’re vicious carriers of Lymes disease.

Start by ‘tick dragging.’ This simply means dragging a light-colored sheet through the yard and then carefully inspecting it for ticks. Then, check your pets thoroughly – using a flashlight can help you spot them easily.

If you find even one tick, you need to look at tick control options. Cedar oil spray, eucalyptus oil, and fogging can all help repel ticks.

Flea Control Methods

Fleas are common in yards and homes where there are pets. You can spot fleas by putting a white piece of paper down and seeing if fleas jump across it. Also check your pets and body for signs of flea bites.

If you spot fleas anywhere, you need to act immediately. Make your yard as unappealing as possible – mow your lawn short, remove any yard debris, and spread cedar chips around.

Finally, don’t forget to use a regular flea treatment on your pets.

Professional Pest Control Services

The problem with DIY yard flea and tick control is that if you fail to exterminate one little pest, you’ll have another infestation before you know it.

Without a doubt, the most effective flea and tick control solution is to hire professionals. They’ll be able to fog your entire yard (and home, if required) and ensure your yard is a pest-free zone.

Check out for more information about the best specialist yard flea and tick control options in your local area.

Best Flea and Tick Control Solutions for You

Flea and tick control for home and yard areas is not an easy task, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Neglecting your flea and tick control duties could lead to a horrific infestation before you know it.

That’s why professional pest control services are a no-brainer: you can keep yourself, your family, and pets safe from pests this year.

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