Hong Kong is one of the most illustrious cities in the world. Since colonial Britain, the province has remained a global beacon for finance and commerce. More than just being a port city, Hong Kong has anchored both the Asia and Asia-Pacific market for many years. The province plays a big role in finance globally simply because the city has so much wealth.

In fact, the average Hong Kong resident is believed to be a millionaire and commercial real estate is just as expensive. Even in the midst of this opulence, there is room for the small guy where business is concerned, as newer office formats make it possible for businesses of all sizes to work in even the most prestigious spaces, namely the virtual office.

While some might discount the benefits of the virtual office, let’s see why it is increasingly becoming an important part of the landscape.

An Alternative To High Rents

First and foremost, Hong Kong, as of a few years ago, was rated one of the most expensive places to lease office space worldwide. Finding space in a great location might be difficult, but not impossible, though. When looking for virtual offices in Hong Kong – Servcorp, for example, can place your business right in the middle of the province’s famed Finance Street or Kowloon District.

For a fraction of the price, your business can have access to valuable offices without having to pay the ghastly rents characterised by most CBDs. The reliable internet connection and access to office support can round out your virtual office in the province. In terms of levelling the playing field, the virtual office has proven itself valuable, if not important.

Dense Landscape

Commercial real estate in the province has been forced to move outward away from the centre of the province simply because, in terms of size, space is densely packed. The virtual office proves itself important simply by solving the problem of searching for space in a place where there is very little room. Of course, coworking spaces can also offer businesses office space, especially in Causeway Bay, but the virtual office eliminates businesses having to lease physical space unless they want access to conference and meeting rooms. Even in this case, they only need to rely on the right serviced office provider.

Access Without Excess

The virtual office allows businesses to choose from a menu of options. Depending on the plan, you might have access to a simple business address, so your business appears more professional or you might gain access to actual suites and meeting rooms. Other plans help foreign business register their businesses, which can be great if you need help with this process. Ultimately, your business can choose from an a la carte menu of options, pay for what you only use, and avoid paying excessively every month.

Great Way To Transition

If you happen to be in business in Hong Kong and are waiting for an office to become available, the virtual office is one of the best temporary solutions, especially through any of the serviced office providers. The virtual office can help you grow comfortably online while waiting for office space to open up because today’s technology provides businesses with a wide array of tools to work comfortably. If you do decide that the virtual office is probably a better format, then simply adjust your online platform for business growth.

More Than Important

Being able to secure a great place in Hong Kong’s thriving business scene is very important. SMEs and start-ups can actually afford to position themselves to work in prestigious locations in and around the CBD. Just in terms of providing a platform for having access to typically expensive areas, the virtual office is more than important but very valuable as well.