It’s estimated that Americans produce nearly 1,750 pounds of trash per person, per year. It’s becoming clearer every year that this rate of consumption isn’t sustainable and innovators have proposed many solutions ranging from broader recycling to biodegradable packaging. Yet, manufacturers are reluctant to opt-in.

So, until industry makes those changes, one thing is clear: The various types of garbage trucks are some of the most essential vehicles on the road today.

Here’s the most essential information about some common types of garbage collection trucks.

Garbage Trucks That Load From the Front

Front loading garbage trucks collect industrial waste in most cases. They may also be used for waste from home demolitions and other large-scale personal projects. These trucks hold up 8,000 pounds and 40 cubic yards of trash.

Using hydraulic forks, they collect garbage from large metal containers known as dumpsters. They dump the waste into the truck body. Because all sides of the truck body are closed, some trucks of this kind can collect liquid waste.

Its capacity is maximized by a built-in compactor to crush the collected garbage.

Types of Garbage Trucks That Load From the Rear

Rear-loading garbage trucks are the classic vehicle many people picture when thinking of a garbage truck. They’re designed for garbage collectors to hang on the back and gather trash bags. The back of the truck is open and the workers throw bags into the bin with no problem at all.

Rear loader trucks for sale are great for anyone in need of a garbage truck. They’re the easiest type of garbage truck for civilians to use because they don’t use complicated hydraulics. Make sure you’re licensed to operate the vehicle before driving one, though.

Side-Loading Garbage Trucks

Side loader trucks are becoming more common with residential garbage collection companies. These types of self-loading garbage trucks use a mechanical arm to pick up garbage cans and dump them into the truck body. 

There are some manual side loader trucks that employ a second worker to collect the waste.

Roll-off Trucks for Bigger Jobs

Another common type of garbage trucks is a roll-off truck. Like front loading-trucks, they collect waste from dumpsters. Unlike those vehicles, they load the entire dumpster onto the truck instead of emptying it into the truck body. 

Like front loaders, roll-off trucks are also a good choice for removing liquid waste because there is nowhere for the liquid to spill out.

Grapple Trucks Grab Stuff

Maybe the most impressive kind of garbage truck is a grapple truck.

You usually think of garbage trucks as something with a collection bin, but these often don’t have one. They use a mechanical arm to grab bulky things like wrecked cars and carry them to the junkyard.

Fun Facts You’ve Never Heard and Useful Tips

Now that you know about some common types of garbage trucks, you can choose the best vehicle for your waste collection needs. Choosing the right type of truck is the difference between success and an expensive disaster, so this is vital information.

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