When you’re in search of motorcycle helmets for sale, safety should be your top concern. While helmets are a crucial piece of gear, choosing one that is high quality is just as important. For a helmet to offer the highest level of protection, it must offer the right fit for your head shape and size. It must also have a DOT label, which indicates it meets the safety standards set forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Here are some things to keep in mind the next time you’re shopping for motorcycle accessories.

What Motorcycle Helmets Are Made of

When shopping for accessories and motorcycle parts on sale, you might see that helmet styles vary quite a bit. However, virtually all motorcycle helmets have the same components:

  • Outer shell
  • Visor
  • Interior liner
  • Chin bar
  • Vents

The outer shell protects your head in a crash by absorbing some of the impact. It can be made from a few different materials, such as polycarbonate. This lightweight polymer is a common choice, as it’s durable and affordable. Fiberglass is the next step up, as these helmets tend to be more expensive. While they’re lighter weight, they’re also able to withstand a greater impact. When it comes to the top of the line helmets, carbon fiber is a natural choice. Carbon fiber is often used for racing because it’s lightweight and has a high impact rating.

The interior liner also helps absorb impact in the event of a crash. Expanded polystyrene foam is the most common choice, as foam offers the right amount of cushioning while also being comfortable enough for riders to wear on their heads. Less expensive helmets will have fewer layers of foam as compared to high-end helmets. A removable comfort liner may also be present.

Why Your Motorcycle Helmet Is One of Your Most Important Pieces of Riding Gear

While you certainly won’t get far without motorcycle batteries, brakes, or clutch lever, your helmet is the most crucial piece of gear you’ll buy. Motorcyclists lack the protection of passenger vehicles, which means even a minor accident can cause major injuries. No matter how skilled a rider you are, no matter how many precautions you take when riding, you can still be hurt by a careless driver. Many motorists fail to recognize the presence of motorcycles on the road, which leads to accidents while merging and when making left turns. Head-on collisions are also common for motorcyclists, which often have tragic results.

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious, life-changing injuries. Head injuries cause a range of serious effects, both physical and mental. Some people lose their ability to walk, while others must go through extensive rehab just to regain some function. Substantial head injuries can also cause damage to the brain that affects a person’s memory, cognition, and emotional responses.

Wearing a helmet every time you ride greatly lowers your risk of the above effects. Study after study has shown that helmets save lives when worn correctly. Studies also show that helmets reduce the severity of head injuries by absorbing shock and shielding the face from flying debris. That’s why shopping for helmets with a reputable retailer is a must to find a quality product.