In deciding if buying another vehicle would be a smart money move, you have to weigh factors.

That said you always want to make sure when considering another auto how it will play into your finances.

So, do you have the money now for getting a new set of wheels?

Being Smart with Your Finances

In deciding if another vehicle is financially in the cards for you, here are some things you want to mull over:

  1. How you stand now – What would best describe your current financial situation? If things are a little challenging, now may well not be the best time to consider another car or truck. Struggling with your finances is not something you want to weigh on your shoulders. It may be best for you to wait a little further down the line until things get better with money.
  2. Buying versus leasing – Another thought to cover would be if you should buy versus lease a vehicle. When it comes to buying, you own the vehicle once it is paid off via the bank or credit union. As for leasing, the dealership owns the car and you in essence rent it from them. While you may like the idea of owning the vehicle, leasing does have some advantages. Of most note would be not having the same vehicle year after year. Sit down and go over the finances to see which may be best for you now and down the road.
  3. Should you go the used vehicle route? – You may also be tinkering with the idea of buying a used car or truck. If this sounds like a possibility, be sure to do as much homework as possible on any such vehicles of interest. That is because older vehicles have a history to them. As such, you want to delve into as much of it as possible. Failure to do so can lead you to buy the wrong used vehicle if not careful. Use some of the online tools at your disposal to help you. One would be opting for a VIN owner lookup. Such a lookup can provide you with valuable details on the vehicle or vehicles of interest. 
  4. Can you get a loan or other financial help? – Also think about if you will need a loan or other such financial help to get another vehicle. If so, how easy do you expect that process to be? If you have a sketchy credit report or have filed for bankruptcy, you can be up against the wall. That would be when it comes to landing the help you need.
  5. Do you have a family and is it growing? – Last, do you have a family at home? If yes, is it growing or do you hope to grow it sooner than later? You may find you have more important money tasks ahead of you than buying another vehicle. On the flip side, buying something now before you have a child coming into the world could be a good move. Even better if you have kids now or are expecting more than one in the coming years. You will want a vehicle that you trust to get the family around.

By giving your finances a good review, you can better determine if buying a vehicle now is the way to drive forward.