When you book a trip you can save a great amount of money if you decide to take connecting flights rather than flying direct and if you have a long layover at your connecting airport then you can actually add some more fun to your trip. Sometimes we have to endure layovers if we are connecting to a hub airport and in both examples it can mean that you need to be smart with getting the most out of your time whilst you wait. If you do have a long layover going up then here are some great ways in which you can pass the time before your next flight.

City Tour

If you are connecting in a big city like Dubai, New York, London or Paris then you may find that you have enough time to head into the city and see some of the main attractions there, you can even find free things to do in Paris and other cities If you don’t feel confident in getting to the city and back on your own then you can use a tour company who will take you from the airport to the city, and then back again in time for your next flight. You’d be surprised at just how much you will be able to see in a short space of time so this really does make for a great option to kill time and enjoy your layover, discovering somewhere new.

Hooking Up 

If you are staying overnight during your layover then why not seek out some company and have an exciting night whilst you wait? Just last year I had a long layover in Heathrow airport and decided to find a company offering Ilford escorts, after seeing what they had to offer I hired a beautiful woman to come and enjoy dinner with me and then spend the night, a wonderful experience. If you don’t want to pay for some company then you could always look on dating apps such as Tinder and meet someone in the area who wants to enjoy a night of passion with you, the perfect way to spend your time as you wait.

Head to the Movies

During a layover in Houston in January I decided to head downtown and catch a movie during my layover, a great way to enjoy your time waiting. There are movie theaters all over the place and regardless of where you happen to be spending your layover you will be able to find a local theater where you can go and relax for a few hours and enjoy a movie.


Many of the world’s biggest airports offer spa facilities and this can also be a great way to not only spend your time but also to relax and unwind. Even if you are traveling for pleasure you’ll find that travel can be a stressful experience so what better way to take some time out than to relax with spa treatments such as a massage, manicure or pedicure, leaving you revitalized and refreshed ahead of your next flight.

A  long layover should be a positive thing and if you plan it right, you can enjoy this waiting time.