The Dominican Republic is a wonderful place for you to spend your vacations, a stunning Caribbean island with lots to see and do. Whilst you could opt to stay in one of the many wonderful resorts that the island boasts, if you are a looking for something which is just a little but more adventurous, why not scratch beneath the surface of the island and learn about the way of life that the locals have. Looking beyond the touristic facade and getting in the mix with the locals can offer you a wonderful experience and here are some of the things to do in the Dominican Republic, to get in amongst it with the locals.


The locals most certainly like to have fun and so away from the trendy beach side activities like snorkeling and canoeing, why not get involved with the locals with an altogether new challenge? In Samana, on the northeast part of the country, the locals queue up each day to take a leap of faith off the Salto de Limon, a 170 foot waterfall, and a jump which will induce adrenalin throughout your body. Getting to the top is usually done by hiking but you could also jump on a horse to take you up to the breathtaking peak.


Hotels and resorts in the Dominican Republic will offer some local dishes but generally speaking they aim to proved the food which locals will enjoy, such as the items which they will find at home. A country’s culture very often lies in its food so you must head into town and find one of the small restaurants offering Comida Corrida, a set menu of fresh and local ingredients, cooked in a Caribbean style, offering dishes such as Mangu sliced sausage and fried cheese. Also you should shun the shops and look to buy fruit on one of the local fruit stands which you’ll find dotted about. These stands sell fresh coconuts, limoncillos, pineapples and mangos, all of which you can pick up at incredibly cheap prices.

Beaching it Up

As you can probably imagine, the locals will stay away from the popular tourist beaches, and instead look for their own, private corner of the island. If you are looking at spending some time on the beach – of course you are – then take a short drive outside of Santo Domingo, to the town of Las Terrenas, where you will find lots of seemingly untouched beach spots, away from the crowds, and away from the noise and activities. Surrounding these beaches are local bars, shops and restaurants, which can give you a great chance to really live like an islander.


The attitude of a local in the Dominican Republic is extremely laid back, with no urgency for anything. The locals here like to enjoy life, after all, living on an island such as this, who wouldn’t! Come and visit and try to slow your pace down and appreciate the nature that surrounds you.