Europe has so many beautiful and classic definitions that you can spend every weekend of the year jetting off to a new place to make lasting memories. You have the iconic cities like London and Paris, the less traveled but beautiful like Lisbon and Helsinki and those that are famous because of one particular attraction, subject or event like Ibiza or Chardonnay. Each of these places can offer unique and powerful experiences that can contribute to your list of great times.

There are some cities in Europe however that do this but also provide you with a cultural depth and access to Europe’s glorious past in a way That gets you to relive it These cites also bring you right up to today with architectural and cultural contrasts that vividly capture each era.

The storied city of Vienna is such a place. Visiting here is like taking a time machine back to a glorious era that focused on culture and the arts and has somehow brought it all into today. It is definitely a city to place on the top of your list of vacations.

Getting to the city from anywhere in Europe and around the world is easy. The city has an international airport serving most of Europe and is a connecting flight away from everywhere else. You can use a quick and easy Vienna airport transfer to get you quickly into the city or no matter where you are staying.

Here are some things to do on your trip to Vienna

Schönbrunn Palace Should Top Your List

In terms of where you need to visit in the city, Schönbrunn Palace must be a lace on your list to visit. The beautiful and massive 1,440 room structure and sprawling grounds has been meticulously restored to perfection and was home to several generations of the monarchy. It also took in guests who were dignitaries and royal visitors who would stay in their own wing of the palace. Visitors today can choose from several different types of tours to visit the castle ranging from viewing the grounds, the Kids Museum, the hour long maze on the grounds, and of course portions of the interior of the palace. You should also visit the Tiergarten Schönbrunn which is the world’s oldest still operating zoo. Schönbrunn Palace is a great attraction for the entire family.

Vienna State Opera

As classic and wonderful as it sounds, you can participate and help make the storied history of one of the world’s most revered Opera houses. This fully restored and update national treasure has been the scene of the composition and performance of some of the world’s most famous classical music. The opera house today features performances of ballet, seasonal and folk music, and of course classical concerts including operas and symphonies. The sound quality in the hall is one of the best in the world and top performers are sure to put the Vienna Opera House on this list of tour stops. Shows play to sold out audiences so buy your tickets early.

Old Town

Old Town is the perfect part of Vienna for you to take a walking tour. This part of town has beautifully preserved architecture and stone streets transporting you back to Europe’s more fabled times. Here you can find some of the city’s top restaurants and an abundance of cool cafes. At the heart of this part of the city is St. Stephen’s Cathedral which has its own charms to delight visitors. You can make a day out of Old Town so bring your camera and enjoy.

The city has all of the top high quality hotel chains and every amenity available in Europe’s top cities is here. Whether you plane to stay for a weekend or full vacation, you will love the look, feel and fun of Vienna.