There are scores of table games that are extremely popular amongst online casino fanatics, including Poker, Blackjack, and of course the much talked about Roulette. You may know that the Roulette wheel which is embossed with numbers can bring you good luck, but are you aware of the fact that the total of all these digits adds up to the ‘number of the beast, 666’?

Although the layout is not the same for different Roulette wheels, the numbers add up to 666. Here’s how.

The origins of the Roulette wheel

Probably one of the oldest casino games, the Roulette wheel still continues to attract millions of players across the globe. The origins of Roulette go right back into the 1600s France. Roulette was invented by the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal who wanted to create the perpetual motion machine. In 1842, Francois and Lois Blanc redesigned the table of the game to add a zero, securing the house edge for the table owner.

What are the Roulette wheel numbers?

You must first have a knowledge of the standard numbers on the Roulette wheel so that you can easily understand the Roulette wheel number phenomenon.

The pockets of the Roulette wheel are numbered from 0 to 36. The odd numbers are coloured red, while even are black in colour. Also, there is a single pocket in European Roulette which is numbered as zero, and there are two zero pockets in the American variant. The pocket number order in most Roulette variants follows a certain set pattern.

How did the 666-calculation come into play?

When players talk about the addition of the standard Roulette wheel numbers, they usually refer to some mystical powers. It’s said that the number 666 is associated with the devil, and became wide-spread when Francois and Blanc (famous magicians) brought the game of Roulette to Bad Homburg and subsequently to Monaco. With the state government operating the gambling venue, Blanc was right under the spotlight. Some people said that he conspired with the devil to learn the secrets of the roulette wheel.

Try checking this out at the Roulette table

Next time you’re trying your hands at your favourite Roulette titles, try checking this out.

The first reference – Think of numbers from 1 to 36 on the table. The first number 1 and the last number 36 when added sum up to 37. Likewise, number 2 and 35 add up to 37, 3 and 34 sums up to 37, and so on. Now, following the pattern when you arrive at 18+19, you again get a total of 37.

The second reference – When you add any three numbers appearing diagonally on the table, the result will be number 6. The number 12, 14, and 16 all appear diagonally to add up to 42. And when you add number 2 and 4, the result is 6 of course!

The third reference – Three numbers appearing horizontally on the Roulette wheel adds to six, and the numbers 28, 29, and 30 are inscribed horizontally towards the rear. The sum of these numbers is 87, and when you add 8 and 7, the total is 15. Now, if you add 5 and 1, the sum is 6.