Did you know that only half of all small businesses last for longer than five years?

Between creating products and services, investing in marketing, and maintaining day-to-day operations, business ownership gets very overwhelming. It’s no wonder that many businesses don’t make it past their first few years of existence.

One thing you can do to lighten the load is to automate your accounting process. You’ve probably heard of other small business owners using QuickBooks, but if you haven’t used it yourself, you may be wondering whether it’s right for you.

Here, we break down some of the main benefits of using Quickbooks, the types of businesses it works best for, and why it pays to start automating your business finances.

It Helps You Stay Organized

Have you ever had a dispute over an invoice and had a hard time navigating your business’s financial records? Do you spend countless hours each month going through transactions and resolving errors? Do you dread tax season more than any other time of year?

When you use Quickbooks, all of this stress goes away. With automated invoice creation, tax preparation, and even check signing functionality, you’ll spend less time tracking your money and more time focusing on your business.

You Can Access Your Data Anywhere

QuickBooks offers both desktop and cloud-based versions of their software. However, if you work with other employees or contractors, the cloud-based version is the right choice for you.

It allows you to access all your financial data from anywhere, using any device. It’s perfect for business owners on the go and makes it easy to share information with contractors whenever you need to.

It Scales With You

Quickbooks has a lot of capabilities, including integration with other systems, in-depth business plans, and other customizable features. However, you don’t have to pay for the features until you need them.

Quickbooks also offers scaled pricing to make sure you’re getting the best value possible and only pay for what you need. After all, Quickbooks was built with small businesses in mind. They understand the budgetary constraints that come with running a startup or small business.

Using QuickBooks Is Easy From Day One

Quickbooks was built with the customer in mind, and their goal is to make your financial accounting easier. They understand that you may not have a Finance or Accounting degree but that you still need to manage your company’s finances.

That’s why they prioritize the usability of their software, and there’s plenty of help out there for when you need it. You can take courses and certifications in Quickbooks. And because 80% of businesses use QuickBooks, you’re sure to know someone in your professional community who can help you out.

Get Started With QuickBooks Today

As you can see, there are many advantages to using QuickBooks for your business accounting needs. Its storage options, organization, and ease of use all make it a great choice for small business owners looking to make their day-to-day financial lives a little easier.

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