Any Canadian with an ACMPR license to grow medical marijuana understands the importance of adhering to legal plant counts. Even those Canadians growing under recreational cannabis laws know that it’s of the utmost importance to stick to the 4-plant legal limit. With an ACMPR license, you’ll be legally allowed to grow hundres, which means its more important than ever to track your plants and stay within your legal limit. 

This is where using an ACMPR calculator can help. The ACMPR calculation tool gives medical growers the exact number of legal plants they’re allowed depending on their specific license terms. Every ACMPR license is different; one grower might be allowed 30 plants while another one is allowed 300. Using the ACMPR calculator is the best way to stay aware of your legal plant limit. 

What is an ACMPR License?

Before we can cover how the ACMPR calculation tool works, let’s talk about what the ACMPR license in Canada actually is. ACMPR stands for Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. This program allows Canadians to obtain a license in order to grow medical marijuana plants at home. 

Medical growing programs in some form or another have been around in Canada since 2001, but the ACMPR is the most-loved medical grow license program for a few reasons. Applying for an ACMPR license is easy once you complete the first step. That is to find a doctor to write you a prescription for medical marijuana, which can be somewhat difficult if you don’t partner with an ACMPR consulting service. 

Once you’ve obtained your prescription, there is an application process involved. You’ll simply fill out the application forms and send them along with the medical document to the ACMPR headquarters. After that, it’s just a waiting game; you wait for Health Canada to register your license and send the official ACMPR registration form in the mail. 

How Are ACMPR Plant Counts Determined

Every ACMPR grower has a unique plant count, and plant count is determined by two things. The first is whether you plan on growing indoors, outdoors, or a combination of the two. If you want the most plants, you’ll apply for an indoor grow license. Outdoor growing has stricter plant count limits since these plants are more like massive marijuana trees. 

The second determining factor for the number of plants you can grow is the medical document that has been prescribed to you. Your plant count directly correlates to the number of grams per day you’ve been prescribed. A medical marijuana RX for 50 grams per day will allow a higher plant count than one for 7 grams per day. 

How to Use the ACMPR Calculator

To figure out your exact plant count, simply click the link above. That will take you to the ACMPR calculator. Then, use the two pieces of information we just mentioned to determine your legal plant limit. Choose whether you plan on growing indoors, outdoors, or indoors and outdoors. Then input your prescription size, and your official plant count will be generated.