Cars get dirty. Much like sitting a toddler at an otherwise clean table to eat a banana, you will be amazed at how much mess can be made with very little provocation. 

There are several hidden issues with dirty cars. First, unclean mechanical parts can soon start to rust. Where rust sets in, failure can occur whilst driving – this can cause accidents. Motorcycle accidents due to mechanically unsound parts are not uncommon, for example – unlike cars, certain mechanical moving parts are exposed to the elements. If you have been affected, see this Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyer

Second, keeping a clean car will help to keep your vehicle as close to the recommended resale value as possible – pet hair and pet smells can especially put off potential buyers. Keeping on top of the hair and smells is easier to do as you go, rather than trying to remove years of pet grime.

Now, let’s move on to top car cleaning hacks. 

Cup holders 

Cup holders look nice for about an hour after purchase. What follows is a lifetime spent as a pocket of dust and bits that’s hard to clean out (if, in fact, they ever get cleaned – can you remember the last time you cleaned your cup holders?). Line your cup holders with material (or even use a silicone cupcake liner. Simple, but effective.

Fresh aromas 

We all buy the odd air freshener for the car. They help. For a day or two. Maybe a week. After that, they stop being effective and we feel cheated and we don’t buy another one for 10 months. Instead of putting up with underperforming air fresheners, fill a box or jar with laundry balls and place it under a seat. This is an instant fix that’s easy to replace.

Clean away the bugs

Bugs go splat. Every time you drive, you kill bugs. Look at the front of any vehicle and you’ll find a graveyard of small winged beasties. But how can you remove this unsightly mass of expired bugs? The answer is not a car wash. Although this will clear away most of the bugs, some of the more stubborn splats simply will not budge. The answer is dryer sheets. Rubbing your car with used dryer sheets can do no harm to your paintwork. This will help to remove even the most unmovable squished bugs before you go through the car wash for the final touches.