During a trip through Europe last year I was in London for a week and it happened to coincide with my loneliest moments during my time away. I was on my own, missing family and friends, I hadn’t met as many people as I may have liked and I was al little down in the dumps. I saw a sign outside my hotel which said ‘book Croydon escorts tonight and so I did something which I had never done before and gave it a try. I had always had preconceptions about this kind of thing and the idea of paying for company seemed very strange. Nonetheless I was lonely and I had money in my pocket, so what harm could it do?


I went on to the website for the short service and I was blown away by how professional this was. The website had the profiles of every woman who offered this service with extensive details and natural photographs of them. Beyond this the website was completely transparent about who they were, what services were offered, pricing and even customer testimonials. This gave me a lot more faith in what I was doing and I was happy to use such a professional service.


There were ladies who worked for the company who were all of a wide variety of shapes and styles. The most important thing to mention here is that all of the women were so incredibly beautiful and clearly extremely professional at what they do. I’ll be honest in saying that I would be unlikely to get a lady so beautiful under any other circumstances which really cemented my decision to pay for this service and spend the night with a beautiful woman.


The purpose of my using this service was to enjoy an evening with a beautiful woman, to have dinner and a massage, and most importantly to have a conversation. The girl who came out to see me was funny, attentive, caring and we were locked in deep conversation throughout the night. It is so easy to forget that this is a service which you are paying for because there is a real human connection there and it was just so nice to be able to enjoy the company of someone for a few hours.


I did have pre-concieved notions about this industry but after using such a great service I know understand exactly how wrong I was. Not only was the service highly professional but it is clear that these women love what they do, they provide a brilliant service to men and women and they should be treated with our respect.

If you think about it you’d go to the dentist if you have a toothache, a doctor with a stomach-ache and a therapist if you are suffering, so why not cure a little bit of loneliness with an expert service like an escort company? For me there is no difference.