I have always felt that the very best time to understand what a city is all about, is after dark, when the sun stops shining, the people stop working, and fun is on the agenda. This was certainly the case for me last year when I spent 2 months in Prague, and found the nighttime activities to be very different indeed from those that went on during the day. Prague is a brilliant nighttime city with plenty of options for just about every type of traveler. If you are looking for an entertaining evening in the Czech capital, here are some ideas for you.

Charles Bridge 

This bridge in the center of Prague is a pretty iconic structure in the Golden City, and it is likely that you will already have passed over it. To visit the bridge at night however, opens up an entirely new view of the city. On the bridge you will find lots of street sellers and musicians, and from the bridge you will get to see one of the most amazing views of the city, illuminated for an extra special photo opportunity.

Karlovy Lazne

If you are really looking to let loose on your night in Prague, head to Karlovy Lezne, one of the most famous night spots in Europe. The reason for the fame of this club in not only the style of music that it plays or the fact that celebs from all over the world have graced this place with their presence, but also because it is situated in a historic building, which looks from the outside like a museum. Inside the original decor has been kept, with some modern twists made.

Music Park

Music Park is a nightclub with a huge dance floor, but beyond that, its similarities with a night club end there. This club has many rooms which branch off from the main dance floor, where you can taste local cuisine, and international cuisine options. Each room is categorized by country, and you can tour around and sample all manner of dishes and drinks, before cutting shapes on the dance floor.


Generally speaking you will find that museums are open until around 8pm, perhaps a little later on one set day per week, not so in Prague. Here in Prague the majority of museums are open all night long, which means that you can head there late, for a chance to get the place all to yourself. Night events in museums often take place too, with drama, exhibitions and music events a regular occurrence, the best part is that these events are usually free.

Old Town

If you are looking to relax on an evening, with some local cuisine and some freshly brewed beer, head to the Old Town. The pace of life remains the same in the Old Town, whether it is day or night, and you can count on enjoying your evening in peace and comfort, watching the world go by from one of the many restaurants and taverns.

Prague is a great nighttime city which you will absolutely love.


Finding things to keep you entertained does not have to be the biggest challenge you face in life.

That said what forms of entertainment do you tend to go with?

From movies and TV to sporting events and more, you should have many things to select from.

So, what do you do for entertainment?

Do You Know what is on TV and the Internet?

If watching television shows and movies is a must for you, do you know what’s new on Netflix?

In the event you were not aware, Netflix has a whole host of offerings each month.

From some of the latest series to trips down memory lane, you can see some great TV shows streamed right to you.

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No matter your choices, you will not find boredom to be an issue.

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Take time to see what Netflix has to offer. When you do, there’s a good chance you will want more.

Do You Get Out Often?

While watching TV shows and movies can be great entertainment, get out of your home on a regular basis.

With that in mind, do you get out all that often?

There are a myriad of ways you can find the entertainment you are looking for outside of your home.

Among some choices to ponder:

· Concerts – Look around to see which concerts are playing near you. You may well find a band or bands that you’ve wanted to hear for a while now. As such, you can look for tickets online for them. Once you have your ticket in hand, get set for an awesome show no matter who the artist is.

· Sports – If you like sports, about how many games do you get to each year? Baseball, basketball, football, hockey and more could be waiting for you at any moment. The earlier you get your tickets, the better chance you have of scoring the seat or seats you want. And if you have a rooting interest in one of the teams you are going to see, be sure to cheer them on.

· History – Going to see historical places can be quite rewarding. You not only learn about history, but you can pass such learning on to your children if you have them. Do some research to see what kinds of historical offerings there are near you. You can also consider such activities if you are traveling.

· Family – Last, do you ever stop to think that your own family can be quite entertaining in their own right? When you have children, they will serve up hours of entertainment. Sure, they may well get on your nerves at times, but this is an expectation when one is a parent.

In seeing if you do have enough entertainment in your life, will you be happy with the answer you arrive at?