Do you ever dream of walking under a beautiful cornucopia of pink once in your lives? Every year, during springtime, some places embrace the arrival of pink blossoms. These pink blossoms are known as cherry blossoms. Japan is a very popular destination among cherry blossom lovers, as, during this time, the entire country is embellished in shades of pink and white. Referred to as sakura in Japanese, thousands of people flock towards the country to relish the magic and beauty of the cherry blossoms festival. But do you know that it’s not only in Japan you can witness the cherry blossoms? There are other countries which celebrate the sprouting of cherry blossom trees. The popular ones are mentioned below: 


People usually associate Australia with common archetypes and symbols like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, koalas, kangaroos, The Great Barrier Reef etc. It also houses one of the biggest river casinos in the world. Winissimo is a popular online gambling site where players can source from a huge variety of casino and table games. But Australia is also a place where you can find traces of cherry blossom trees. They sprung around the mountainous regions of Australia and are concentrated in the southernmost states of Victoria, New South Wales and Adelaide. During the vibrant months of spring, a small town named Cowra, is sprinkled with the pink and white hues. Situated across the Lachlan River, the town houses the famous Sakura Avenue, Prisoner of War Camp, and the Japanese Gardens where one can enjoy the company of the cherry blossoms trees. The interesting aspect of the Japanese gardens is that each tree is gifted by the Japanese citizen. In 1988, the park was inaugurated by the Cowra Shire Council to strengthen the peaceful and friendly relationship with Japan. The Blue Mountains is another location for cherry blossoms sightseeing. The Botanic Garden here is adorned with at least twenty cherry blossom trees. Then there is the town of Katoomba where cheery blossoms peak during mid-season.


History says that at the end of the 1930s, Canada received cherry blossom trees as a thank you gift from the Japanese province to commemorate the participation of the Japanese Canadians during World War 2. Since 2006 onwards, Canada has been celebrating the cherry blossoms festival in Vancouver that lures thousands of people to bask in the glory of the pink canopies. There are approximately 45000 sakura trees planted in Vancouver. The festival begins from April and continues till the first week of May. It is a celebration of new beginnings. Since sakura in Japanese symbolises hope and love, people visit the place to rejoice a good time with their loved one. They can embark on walking tours to learn more about cherry blossoms or participate in cherry scouts where people find the best locations to take beautiful snaps of the sakura trees. They can be found in well-known spots like the Queen Elizabeth Park, Burrard Skytrain Station, Stanley Park, etc.


The Cherry Blossom Festival is the centre of attraction in China. So many people look forward to this event to marvel at the beauty of the sakura trees. The Yuyuantan Park hosts this festivity as thousands of tourists immerse themselves completely in the pink surroundings. The trees were harvested as a reconciliation treaty with Japan during the late 1970s. One of the fascinating things about the festival is that people get to witness cherry blossoms twice: once during late March and the other during Mid-April that lasts over a month. You can find more than 30 varieties of cherry blossoms in the park. The sakura trees are also situated at the Logwangton Park across the Liaoning Province which blossoms during late April. With approximately two thousand cherry blossom trees in place, the park appears to be a perfect harmony of different shades and colours of pink.