Solar panels are becoming more of a commodity and almost a standard when it comes to reusable energy these days. In the past, it was very expensive, but it’s becoming more of a movement than ever before, especially in Darwin. If you’re looking to help your Northern Territory home get the best and most efficient solar energy, you’ll need to know some of the benefits of solar power, and have some excellent questions answered. One of the most common questions is actually the cost, and we’re going to answer it for you today in this guide!

Sun Power Is Simply Solar

This is a new saying that’s being said today, because solar energy is gaining so much popularity, especially in Australia. If you ask anybody what the benefits of solar power is that never has had it, they either won’t know, or they just know that people use it to save money, but there’s more to it than just that.

Solar energy actually helps to utilize less carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and is the more “green” choice when it comes to saving the environment, and helping to save the world from using up its precious resources. People don’t realize just how much we use fossil fuels to create power at power plants, and this can cause more damage on the planet than anything, let alone lead to faster degeneration of our ozone.

Another thing that people do know is that it saves you money, but how much can you actually save? Most homes that use solar power end up spending over a thousand dollars just on electricity alone every year, and this is all over the world! By using solar power, you can actually get free electricity, and even put some back into the grid so you can still help the power companies cut down on their carbon footprint too.

Some people have actually gotten paid by the electric companies by paying so much into the grid (mostly in account credit), and you can literally save hundreds of dollars a year (sometimes thousands). If you’re going completely off-grid, and you do things right, you can actually not have to pay for power at all.

Is Installation of Solar Panels Costly?

Believe it or not, you may spend more than you would depositing on general electricity through a provider, but in the long run, you are saving so much more, so it evens out. Some people have even actually bought their solar unit, and saved enough to pay for itself just in the first year alone. On top of this, homes that have solar power as their primary source of fuel can actually help in the real estate market, and are worth thousands of dollars more on when they’re put on the real estate market.


If you’re looking to find some quality solar panels Darwin, and you’re in the NT side of the outback, don’t hesitate to get ahold of Territory Solar Solutions for all of your service needs. They have years of experience installing and maintaining solar panels for homes and commercial properties of all different shapes and sizes.