The Great Resignation has caused upheaval in the business world with approximately 4 million people quitting each month. For white-collar professionals, the reasons typically boil down to quality-of-life issues.

The legal profession is notorious for expecting punishing work schedules for lower-level associates. Some associates may work upwards of 80 hours per week. In the wake of Covid, many lawyers are reconsidering their positions and even their professions.

If this sounds like you, don’t write off the law as a bad dream you want to wake up from just yet. keep reading for five perfect reasons for starting a law firm.

1. Specialize

Lawyers often specialize but don’t always get to work in parts of that specialization they enjoy. For example, tax law can range from corporate law to estate planning. When you work for someone else, they decide which cases you work on.

If you start your own firm, you can focus on the areas of your specialization that you do enjoy. The best lawyers often come out of working in areas of law they like.

2. More Control Over Your Space

When a firm hires you, they make most of the decisions about your working space. They control everything from the address to the decorating and even which vendors supply your office supplies.

As a firm founder, you can decide whether you want a highly formal office or a more relaxed space. You’re also in charge of picking your vendors, such as

3. Build a Culture

Maybe you worked in one of those high-pressure, cutthroat firms that expect everyone who isn’t a partner to log 70 hours a week. Most people don’t decide on becoming a lawyer with that in mind.

Establishing your own firm lets you build the kind of business culture you want for yourself.

4. Staff Selection

Everyone has horror stories about those nightmare coworkers. Sometimes, it’s just a deep personality clash and other times the coworker acts in unacceptable ways.

Running your own firm gives you a lot more latitude in staff selection. You can winnow out people that won’t fit in with the business culture that you built.

5. Location

More and more law practice happens in big cities. If you want a great salary and benefits, you must bite the bullet and go to a big city even if you hate cities.

Yet, there is plenty of law business outside of big cities. If you prefer a less urban environment, starting your own practice lets you pick the location.

Starting a Law Firm and You

There are many great reasons for starting a law firm of your own. If nothing else, it lets you specialize in the kind of law you want to practice.

Beyond that, though, it gives you a lot more control over your location, coworkers, and even the decorations in the office. Most importantly for many lawyers, it lets you decide what kind of culture you work in on a daily basis.

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