About 44 million Americans currently have Medicare coverage. But that doesn’t mean many more don’t have Medicare eligibility questions.

If you’re eligible for Medicare, you should consider a few resources regarding your health coverage.

Keep reading for some fantastic resources and what Medicare questions to ask.

1. The Medicare Website

The best place to get answers to your Medicare eligibility questions is the Medicare website. You can find various forms for filing claims or appointing representatives.

The website also has a link to help you find doctors and hospitals near you. You can also report a lost or stolen Medicare card, and you can report fraud.

Medicare’s website also has information on how to contact them with more questions. They take your privacy seriously, so they also offer information on that.

You can probably get the answers to your most common Medicare question here. However, it’s not your only resource.

2. The Health Insurance Marketplace

If you’re about to switch to Medicare, you can also consult the Health Insurance Marketplace. Their website has some information about switching to medicare from a marketplace plan.

They outline the basics of how and when to switch coverage. Even if you’re on Medicare, if your spouse is about to qualify, the information can be useful.

It’s also helpful if you or someone you know qualifies for Medicare because of a disability or some other reason. The page can help you cancel your marketplace plan when you become eligible for Medicare, so you can make a smooth transition.

3. The Medicare Resource Center

The Medicare Resource Center is an independent website that has information on getting Medicare coverage. They have information on the basics of the program as well as what coverage options you have.

You can learn about Medicare in your state as well as how to enroll in Medicare. The website lists the dates for open enrollment so you can change your plan if necessary.

They also have resources for how you can save money on your healthcare coverage. You can get answers to Medicare billing questions and other issues.

While they aren’t part of the government, they can also help you get a quote for your Medicare costs.

4. The Social Security Administration

If you want to learn more about your Medicare coverage, you should look to the Social Security Administration. They have a page all about Medicare benefits, and it talks about some common Medicare questions.

You can determine what types of Medicare to sign up for, and you can learn how to apply online. The SSA website also has information on Medicare cards and how you can manage your benefits.

They also have a list of who to call with Medicare questions or Social Security questions. That way, you can get the answers you need more quickly.

The SSA also has information on applying for Medicare before you retire. You can also read more about the different parts of Medicare.

5. The National Council on Aging

If you don’t have much income, you may want to check out the National Council on Aging. They have a page all about the Medicare Savings Programs.

You can use the page to determine if you’re eligible for financial assistance to cover your medical costs. They cover programs for individuals and beneficiaries.

The website also offers other information for older adults, so it’s a great resource for things outside of Medicare questions. That makes it a great one-stop-shop.

And if you aren’t quite ready for Medicare, the resource can help you prepare for retirement and the program. That way, you can get the financial help you need.

Common Medicare Eligibility Questions

While knowing about your resources is helpful, you should also consider what Medicare questions to ask. Determining your eligibility doesn’t have to be difficult, but you may still have questions.

Whether you have Medicare eligibility questions or want information on other areas of Medicare, you should come up with questions.

Then, when it’s time to enroll, you can choose the right Medicare coverage for you.

When Do I Qualify?

As a healthy adult, you will qualify for Medicare coverage when you turn 65. When you’re younger, you’ll need to get coverage through an employer or the marketplace.

However, younger adults may be eligible in some cases. Disabled people can qualify for Medicare, and so can patients with End-Stage Renal Disease (kidney failure).

If you’re younger, you should consult a doctor or one of these Medicare resources to determine if you can get coverage. That way, you don’t have to worry about finding other insurance.

What Does Medicare Cover?

You should figure out what your Medicare plan will cover. When enrolling, ask about things like prescription drugs and telehealth visits.

If you want to have a doctor’s visit from home, you can ask about Medicare On Video. And if it’s available, you won’t have to leave the house for an appointment.

Other things to ask about include travel coverage, surgeries, and other expected medical costs. That way, you can make sure you choose the best Medicare plan for you.

How Can I Enroll?

Once you’re ready to enroll in one or more parts of Medicare, you need to know-how. Don’t be afraid to ask about when you can initially enroll.

If you’re ever unhappy with your coverage, you should also ask when you can change to a different plan.

Enrolling in Medicare is similar to enrolling in other health insurance plans. However, it does require a bit of work to make sure you get the right coverage when you need it.

What If I Can’t Afford Medicare?

If you need a lot of coverage and can’t afford it, look at financial assistance programs. They can help you cover some or all of your costs.

That way, you can still get Medicare to cover your medical bills. But you won’t have to go into debt or sacrifice other expenses.

Answering Your Medicare Questions

Navigating Medicare can be tricky at first. It’s a new form of health insurance, and it can be hard to get started.

But if you know what Medicare eligibility questions to ask and where to look for answers, you can get the help you need.

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