Any Jewelry’s true worth depends on the memory it captures or the considerate mind of the giver, not just the beautiful design. I think in that perspective Jewelry coincides with tattoos in that both appreciate the meaning behind what you see.

On Kickstarter, there launched a unique and sophisticated tattoo jewelry line. Just like its slogan, ‘The way to engrave my RECOLLECTION, where its closest to my body’ it successfully captures the beauty of jewelry and tattoo at once.

The Jewelry That Brings the Unique Aesthetic.

The Éclat Tattoo Jewelry is made exclusively for people who acknowledge the beauty of tattoos but can’t risk the danger of regret and infection. It excellently captured the unique sentiment of lettering tattoos by making them customizable. Its diverse options for straps and pendants leave more room for customization. 

The best part of them is that you can attach and detach them whenever you want. You don’t need to risk your skin and money for a tattoo. With The Éclat Tattoo Jewelry, you will only enjoy the benefit of a lettering tattoo and leave the disadvantage behind.

The Éclat Tattoo Jewelry Features:


1. Black Gold Plating & Easy Wear

It uses differentiated black gold plating that developed from the countless plating test. This is the unique plating method of the Éclat Tattoo Jewelry line and successfully generates durable and luxurious black color. This ruthenium black plating is hypoallergenic and shows exceptional durability. Moreover, the process adds a ceramic coating, making the lettering pendant long-lasting.

Éclat also presents a specially designed lock to provide users with an easy/ simple detachment. The sliding ball and dual magnetic locks which look so beautiful prevent the hustle to wear them and make the process of wearing/detaching them so easy. 

2. Design Options

  • Eiffel Bracelet:

Eiffel bracelet is a simple and gender-neutral one that is best for daily use. The strap is surgical steel and the silver chain detail of the strap makes it look bold and on edge. If you are a hipster or a rock-n-roll fan. This bracelet will be perfect for you.

  • Chic Ball V2 Bracelet:

Chic Ball represents the essence of the Éclat Tattoo Jewelry line very well. Its strap is very thin silver 92.5, plated with gold, and makes the best harmony with the lettering pendant generating the beauty that could not be found on tattoos or just a piece of jewelry. The easily detachable sliding ball lock adds more uniqueness to it. Among the Kickstarter rewards, this is the most elegant bracelet.

  • Signature V9 Bracelet 

This bracelet includes an Éclat signature pendant with a simple silver 92.5 chain strap. The strap width is thinner than that of the Eiffel Bracelet but thicker than Chic Ball V2. This will also fit well with any gender. You can choose between gold and silver strap colors.

  • Mouffetard 2 Bracelet

Mouffetard includes a black leather strap with a dual magnetic design lock. The black leather strap makes it the most hipster design among Éclat Tattoo Jewelry lines. This unique design looks gender-neutral and even spiritual. If you like a bold and unique bracelet, I recommend this. 

  • Signature V2 and Cubic V2 Necklace

These Éclat necklaces position the lettering pendant on one side of the necklace, not in the middle. Because of this unique positioning, it shed a light on your clavicle, where is the popular tattoo spot. Signature V2 includes the Éclat signature pendant in the middle and Cubic V2 has a twinkling cubic pendant. The cubic pendant is really beautiful.

Back This Amazing Project on Kickstarter

The Éclat Tattoo Jewelry’s launched on the 2nd of Nov on Kickstarter. Don’t miss out on this chance to get it at a lower price than retail. 😊