Anyone who ordered anything and waited for it to come will be excited and happy as soon as the package is opened. However, you will be quite upset if, when opening a box or package with a cutter knife, you use too much power and damage the ordered goods.

For those who experienced this terrible situation, EZ CUT was developed. EZ CUT, which is now available on Kickstarter, does not damage the product inside the box as well as the user’s body parts. It is very safe, easy, and convenient to use.

Unbelievably safe blade that never cut your hands or product.

Since it is created with a thickness that allows it to function as a cutter without injuring the user, EZ CUT’s blade is not as sharp as a normal blade. The blade is 6mm long, which is the ideal length for cutting without causing any harm to the product inside the packaging. It is easier to cut packages because the Teflon-coated blade will not attach to sticky tapes or stickers. EZ CUT’s blade is made with an ideal design for maximum stability.

L shaped supports which help to cut with stability.

With EZ CUT’s L-shaped blade supports on either side, you can quickly and safely cut on any surface, including flat, curved surface, and on the edge. On a flat surface, these supports hold the surface to keep the direction. You may also easily cut the edges by aligning the L shaped supports to the edge. L shaped supports reduce slippage on curved surfaces and make it simple to remove the PET bottle’s label.

Simple storage for quick use when necessary

EZ CUT has a built-in magnet that allows you to store it quickly by attaching it to a metal front door or refrigerator. The product’s bottom hole can also be used to hang it on a hook for a storage. The product can be securely kept after use by covering the blade with a built-in safety cap.

Looking for a safe cutter knife? EZ CUT is the one.

A knife is necessary both at home and at business. However, you be very careful when using it because you can possibly be injured. On Kickstarter, EZ CUT, a convenient cutter that cuts anything with minimal risk of injury, is now getting funded. Experience EZ CUT’s safe cutting at a discount price only available on Kickstarter!