Whether we are young or old, acne can be the bane of our existence. It’s one of those things you have to suffer through sometimes. There are many things you can do to make your skin and acne much better though. Everybody reacts a little bit differently to everything, so you might have to do a little bit of experimentation to find what works the best for you. 


Obviously, first and foremost, is seeing a dermatologist. If your acne is bad, then this is your best move. If you don’t think your acne is bad enough to see a dermatologist? Then feel free to continue on down with the list. Dermatologist have years of experience dealing with difficult skin however. They can prescribe medicines that can clear up the most horrific acne within a few months. So our advice is see a dermatologist if you can afford it. 

Be gentle 

Be gentle to your skin. Acne is not an excuse to scrub your skin down a layer. In fact if you scrub your skin too much it will make your acne much much worse. You should always be gentle with your skin. 

Cleanse with oil 

Although it may seem counterproductive, you can cleanse your skin with oil. Various different oils react differently. Coconut oil is a good one to start with and test out. If it seems to make your acne worse you can try other oils such as castor oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and many others. Cleansing your face with oil instead of soap is gentler to your skin. 

Don’t pick 

Yes we know you have heard that a million times before and it’s almost impossible not to do. But what you have to realize is that when you pick pimples you are spreading bacteria around your face to create more acne. So don’t pick. 


Ice can be a temporary remedy for red and inflamed pimples. It can bring the swelling down and help clean out the excess oil and bacteria from the gland. You can also make your skin feel better. 


Steam can be great for the skin. It can help open the pores by making your face sweat. It will help move the bacteria and oils off your skin. You can do this as simply as pouring boiling water into a bowl and letting the steam coat your face. Remember though be gentle to your skin. 

Sleep on a towel 

Another good method for keeping control of acne is to sleep with a new towel on your pillow every night. Remember that acne is also caused by the bacteria on your face. So that bacteria can cover your pillow and move it to other places around your face. Get a handful of new towels, and put a new one on your pillow every night. Do not sleep on it two days in a row. You will be quite surprised at the difference that this makes. 

Avoid the sun 

When you have an acne outbreak, it is important to avoid the sun. You should wear a good sunscreen if you have to go out. Ultraviolet rays can cause scarring with your acne, by creating pigmentation spots. So it is best to just to avoid the sun.



It is becoming more and more common to find out that your gut bacteria has effects throughout the rest of your body. Acne is no different. Take some good, active, probiotics and you might find the outbreaks to be less severe. There have been a lot of scientific findings on this gut/health relationship lately, and it doesn’t hurt to try. 

Acne can be brutal. It can damage our self-esteem and damage our social life. The scarring on the skin can last for years, and the scarring emotionally can last even longer. You will find that your mood and your confidence soars when you have no acne and no outbreaks. The outbreaks that you cannot avoid, you just have to accept and make the best of. If you follow our list and take care of your skin you will find that things will get better. We wish you all the best.