It’s something we have done our whole lives without questioning. We shampoo our hair. Most people wash their hair every day. There are hundreds of different hair products on the shelves of the stores, all fighting and vying for attention and telling us what the best is for us. Many women have a full hair routine that they go through every day with half a dozen products. But the question is do we really need this? If we go back into our ancestors we realize that they didn’t wash their hair every day, if at all. We have found, as well as many other people online have found, that your hair can look better by not washing it every day. When you tell people this it is almost like heresy. People do not believe you, and they think “Oh my God my hair will be so dirty and oily! There is no way I cannot I wash my hair as that is just disgusting”. The reality is that you have been programmed to think this way. With all the new things we learn in this world, for diet, for health, for many things, learning not to wash your hair seems to be one of the hardest to accept. That’s how deep the programming runs. We are not being a conspiracy theorist, but just look at the amount of money hair care products make. They are not going to tell you that you don’t need them. Here are some things that might help open your eyes. 

Oily hair 

Think about this, you are washing your hair with a detergent to get rid of all the oil in it, and then you use another hair care product to replace the oil that you just took out. If you did not strip your hair of all the natural oil why would you need to add oil again? Once you make it through the transition period, you will find your hair is not overly oily, or overly dry. Of course, everyone is different, but you will not know until you try. Let your natural body oils make your hair look as shiny and as beautiful as a commercial. 

Transition period 

This is the most difficult part of getting off shampoo. Your body is used to pumping out a lot of extra oil to try and replace all that you have stripped off with detergent. So when you stop washing your hair, your hair will feel awful. Most people seem to need to take about 3 months to let their natural hair return. That is three months of hell, of oily hair and itchy scalp. But once you make it through you will be amazed. We have suffered dandruff our whole life, always trying different solutions. Going outside we just gave up wearing dark shirts. When we stopped washing our hair every day, the dandruff completely cleared up. One way to make the transition a little bit easier is to slowly wean yourself off shampoo. Start shampooing every other day, then every 3 days, then once a week, then once a month, until you don’t have to shampoo unless you really need it. Just rinse your hair with warm water every day.

Alternative shampoos 

The main goal is to get completely off shampoo, but you can also use alternative shampoos that are more natural as you progress. Some people get great success out of my diluted apple cider vinegar, or baking soda. We prefer just to rinse and clean our hair with warm water. If our hair gets dirty or starts to feel too oily, we will wash it. But we have found we only wash our hair maybe once every 3 or 4 months. 

Save money 

If you are one of those people that have the half a dozen hair products that you go through every day, just look at how much money you will save. In reality though, for us, it’s not about the money. We want our hair to look great, and that’s why we do it, but saving a few dollars doesn’t hurt. 

We believe once you have gotten past the transition period that you will never return. We will not lie to you, the transition period is horrible. We have had friends that could not make it through. But if you can, you will understand. We have often had people ask us what hair products we use to make our hair look so shiny and smooth, and the looks on their face when we tell them what we do is priceless. Our hair looks good, is clean, and smells great. As hard to believe as that is, you have to try it yourself to believe. We wish you the best of luck in breaking your addiction and joining us in the wonderful world of beautiful hair