The ‘BOMBA STICK’ is the complete solution to all the problems you faced when declogging.

This fancy-looking device utilizes the high-density air compression method and helps us solve plumbing and air pumping issues occurring every day in our lives. It uses powerful compressed energy generated from pressurized air with the one-click method. The ‘BOMBA STICK’ plunges through tightly clogged up toilets and sewers with a single blow by utilizing compressed energy.

Plumbing With an Air Compressing and Customized Tanks

‘BOMBA STICK’ is equipped with two tanks, the multi-compression tank, and the air compression tank. These tanks enable the BOMBA STICK to use high-density air compression when unclogging. If you click one button with the big noise ‘BOM!’, your pipe gets unclogged like magic! Anyone who had to deal with dirt and swage when unclogging knows how scary it can be to face the clogged toilets. But with BOMBASTICK you are will be able to declog the pipe just like a fighter. 

The tank a. multi-compression tank is adequate for unclogging a washstand, kitchen sink, or restroom floor and the tank b. air compression tank is perfect for unclogging toilets. 

The body of the device has an air pressure gauge attached. So, you can check the compression level and trust its device due to its visual availability of the meter and the device’s location to apply adequate pressure for plumbing.

Patented Anti-regurgitation Technology

The science behind this powerful de-clogger is the patented technology. The air-pressure tank collects air first and then releases it as compressed air. Due to the air tank suddenly expanding and completely sticking to the walls of a hole, it blocks filth from regurgitating and maintains complete cleanliness. Check for yourself how the ‘BOMBA STICK’s very own Quick Expansion and Quick Blocking technique blocks regurgitation from occurring.

Easy Use

When using on a toilet: 

  1. Assemble the air compression tank by twisting it clockwise with the main device.
  2. Check the proper pressure gauge for a toilet. You must start initially at low pressure, and if it does not clear up, you must increase its pressure.
  3. Put the tank into the pipe and click the button.

When using on a washstand/waterway/kitchen sink:

  1. Assemble the multi-compression tank by twisting it clockwise with the main device.
  2. Directly check for the air pressure gauge adequate for kitchen sinks, washstands, and waterways. Initially, start at low pressure, and if it does not plunge through, gradually increase its pressure along the way.
  3. Put the tank into the pipe and click the button.

Using as a Multipurpose Air Pump

This gadget can be utilized in multiple situations, not only for unclogging. You can also pump air into tubes, soccer balls, camping/ outdoor equipment, etc with BOMBA STICK! This is a gadget for every dad.

Run away from bothersome plumbing issues!

The premium cordless plumbing device ‘BOMBA STICK’ will completely solve your plumbing issues by blowing out powerful compressed air. It is an eco-friendly air tank that does not contaminate water by using chemicals. This quick air compressing plumbing device will change the norms of declogging. NO STRUGGLES. NO CHEMICALS. FAST AND EASY METHOD FOR PLUMBING.

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