Online gambling grew by 50% in 2021 when compared to 2020. That’s incredible when you consider that 2020 kept everyone indoors with nothing to do.

As things started to open back up, so did the casinos. Yet, people continued to gamble online. New states like Michigan and Connecticut allowed online casino games to begin.

States are getting in line to offer more online gambling options to their clients. That’s great news for you because you have so many more options to find fun and exciting online casino games.

There are popular casino games to try and other ones that don’t get the billing they deserve. Read on to find out which online casino games to play and how to find them.

Find a Legitimate Casino

Your first step is to find a casino that won’t rip you off. This seems like a simple task, but it’s become harder to do thanks to COVID-19.

Gamblers turned to online gambling because of lockdowns. People who were curious about online gambling decided to sign up to try it out.

Well, that raised the profile of online gambling. It also got the attention of scammers, who sensed a big chance to make money off of unsuspecting gamblers.

Your main job is to find an online casino that’s registered to operate where you plan to gamble. For the vast majority of people, this will be where you live.

You’ll have to check with your state’s gaming commission for a list of registered casinos. They’re the ones that can legally operate in that area.

Out of the list of online casinos that you find, you’ll want to check out each one. They offer different sign-up bonuses and online casino games.

Sign up with the casino that offers the best casino games and bonuses.

Finding the Best Odds of Winning

There’s a trick that professional gamblers use to find the best odds of winning. They do a little bit of research.

Since the gaming industry is heavily regulated, they have to report everything to the state’s gaming board. The gaming board compiles this information and makes it publicly available.

In Pennsylvania, casinos report the total revenue from interactive slots, the amount won by players, and the revenue earned.

This gets broken down by casino, so you can see which online casinos offer the best odds of winning by dividing the amount won by the amount played. The higher the percentage, the better the odds.

Each state has its own version of this report, and you may be able to find a breakdown of online casino games. This gives you powerful information to decide which casino games to play.

The Difference Between Luck and Skill

Casino operators do what they can to bring the in-person casino experience to the virtual world. They do a great job of that in so many ways.

One of them is when you walk into a casino and experience a few moments of overwhelm from the chaotic activity. You can easily be overwhelmed once inside an online casino because you have so many options to choose from.

The place to start is to divide your options into two categories. There are games based on luck and games based on skill.

Online casino games based on luck involve a random number generator (RNG). This is a program that runs through series after series of numbers and generates numbers on a completely random basis.

Online casinos use pseudo-random number generators. This creates a long series of random numbers based on a smaller series of numbers.

With online slots, numbers get assigned to symbols. This is what you see when you play an online slot game. It is very difficult to hack RNGs.

That makes games that use a random number generator a game based on luck. Online bingo, slots, baccarat, and roulette are examples of games of chance.

Skill-based games require some strategy and skill in order to win. Blackjack, poker, craps, and sports betting are examples of skill-based casino games.

Beginner gamblers can test out online casino games by playing games of chance first. This lets you get a feel for playing at online casinos. You can then move up to skills-based games later on.

Check the Online Casino Game’s Reputation

There are hundreds of different games of luck. You learned how to find your odds of winning at a particular casino.

Now you can find your odds of winning at slots and other games of chance. They’re ranked according to RTP or return to player. It measures how much of the game’s revenue goes back to players.

Volatility measures the amount of risk. If you’re the type of gambler that enjoys playing big bets on long shots, you want to find a game with a high volatility score.

Low volatility tells you that you’ll have frequent, smaller payouts.

Games also have a reputation for having a big payout. Online gamblers take the playability and enjoyment of the game into consideration.

Online reviews provide tips and insights into particular online casino games. They help you locate the best online casinos, too.

Some reviews are in-depth, such as this review of Bovada Casino. You’ll learn about the sign-up bonuses, customer service, and games available.

Finding Easy Online Casino Games

What are some of the best online casino games? It depends on the type of online gambling you want to try. You can try your hand at games of skill or games of luck.

Either way, you’re bound to have a fun time and find ways to win at the best online casinos.

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