Red Dead Redemption 2 is a beautiful, staggering, and sprawling game. The world of Red Dead 2 has some complex activities to complete, from horseback riding to hunting to general no-good. In actuality, it’s a bit overwhelming, which is why it’s nice to have challenges that help you direct your passion and skills into something productive.

The truth be told, these challenges are somewhat tricky but quite satisfying to complete, requiring that, say, shoot flying birds from a moving train or kill some enemies without dismounting. On the other hand, the game also has challenges like double down and win the hand 5 times at the Blackjack table. And while it may sound simple, it’s actually quite to solve.

Keep reading to learn how to complete the Blackjack challenge in the least painful way.

It takes forever

When playing Red Dead Redemption 2, the minigames are pretty good as they don’t waste much of the player’s time. For instance, Five Finger Fillet and Poker allow players to skip the betting sequence of other players so that they can directly play their own hand.

Not so with rdr2 Blackjack.

You’re forced to watch the move of every player at the table. The croupier has to reset his animation after every hand, and the amount of general dull work isn’t easy to tolerate.

It’s purely random

Many players don’t play Red Dead 2 for the realistic recreations of card games. Instead, they are there to shoot birds, kill animals, and wear them as hats.

According to many avid players, the absolute fastest way to blow through the Blackjack challenge is the double down on every single hand with the minimum betting amount. At times, you may lose almost all of your money, but the betting amount will be so small that it won’t matter much.

The number of statistically appropriate double down opportunities is so small that you’d be there all day if this were realistic Blackjack that involves the use of real money. But this isn’t the case. So, in order to get through the challenge, you can just hit the double down option and hope for the best.

This is in contrast to the Poker challenges, which are quite easy to solve if you play them in the way they’re meant to be played.

The best way to complete this challenge

If you’re playing Red Dead 2 on PS4 and happen to have a Vita, plug it and use the Remote Play option. Of course, the Remote Play controls aren’t that good, but they’ll work fine for the card games.

And while the game never forces you to complete these challenges, they do have an impact on your stats, with the gambling challenges rewarding more Deadeye experience. Also, you’ll need to complete all of them in order to unlock the Legend of the East Outfit, which gives Arthur the look of a straight gangster.

Whether that’s worth all the suffering, well, it’s totally up to you.