One of the most discussed topics during the pandemic year of 2020 was the “metaverse.” The term metaverse comes from the combination of meta and universe, which defines realistic three dimensional virtual spaces. As COVID-19 pushed the daily lifestyle to remote lifestyle, the demand for the metaverse has increased.

In 1992, Neal Stephenson coined the term “metaverse” in his novel “Snow Crash.” In 2020, the term globally spread out when NVIDIA CEO said, “The era of the metaverse is coming.” There is no doubt that the metaverse is now a global phenomenon that interacts with majority of the industries.

Metaverse X Cycle makes exercise fun

There have been attempts to implement metaverse into the fitness industry, but only a few companies were able to lead to commercialization. However, the world’s first indoor bike with the metaverse gaming application, called DETS BIKE Pro, has just launched on Kickstarter. DETS BIKE Pro is an indoor bike with a gamification controller built by a self-developed technology. Both handlebars are specifically designed to provide an optimal environment for both gaming and exercise at the same time.

One of the reasons why getting into a consistent home training routine is hard is because it requires full motivation and interest. DETS BIKE Pro will keep you motivated to maintain a consistent workout routine.

With 28 different gaming stages, DETS BIKE Pro will immerse users into the game while riding the indoor bike. The experience is different from when users simply follow the cycling instructions. The more you focus on the game, the more you will be immersed in your workout to forget about the fatigue and maintain the motivational level.

Exercise together in the metaverse!

Inside the extremely saturated fitness market, this metaverse gaming bike surely stands out. The biggest advantage of the metaverse is the seamless connection between the real world and the virtual world. As soon as a user get on this bike, a user can connect with other users in real time and experience the joy of gaming and exercising all together.

Users can choose their favorite gaming modes. In Training Mode, users can focus on their workout while competing for the top spot on the system ranking board. Boss Battle Mode is highly recommended for users who want to clear missions through team playing. Adventure Mode is perfect for users want to focus on clearing stages with various missions. Multiplayer Mode is for users who want to build teamwork and interaction while accomplishing the same goal with each other.

The joy of exercising shared with other players is a joy made double.

DETS BIKE Pro heats up the 2022 Fit Expo with its innovation.

DETES BIKE Pro was praised by participants and attendees who actually had their hands on the bike and left positive feedback. One parent quoted, “This will help a lot to remove my kids from the TV screen.” An athlete also quoted, “The games are so cool that you don’t even realize you’re doing cardio.”

Enjoy playing games with your family and friends while keeping up with healthy workout routines with DETS BKE Pro. You’ll be craving to workout on the metaverse gaming bike every day.

Meet DETS BIKE Pro, a new type of workout experience, now available on Kickstarter!