Manufacturing in the United States produces trillions of dollars of revenue each year, and the market is only growing. One of the most important pieces of equipment in any industrial environment is the caster wheel.

Industrial casters are small wheels that make it easier to move heavy loading equipment. With the right heavy-duty casters, one person can easily move a load weighing hundreds of pounds.

When choosing the casters that are right for your business, there are many factors to consider. Read on to learn everything you need to know to make the right choice!

Types of Industrial Casters

Casters come in many varieties that serve a wide range of purposes. There are fixed and swiveling types, and each type can be made of different materials.

Fixed casters do not rotate, so they can only move equipment in a straight line. Swivel casters, on the other hand, can move freely in any direction.

Because fixed casters offer a narrower range of motion, they are more stable than swivel casters.

Fixed and swivel casters can both be fitted with a locking mechanism that will keep the wheel from rolling when activated. Look here for more information on locking casters.

Tread Materials

The material that the wheel is made from depends on what the caster is used for.

Most commonly, caster wheels are made of some plastic (such as nylon or polyurethane) or rubber. Some wheels can also be made of steel.

Rubber and plastic will cause less damage to floors than steel but are not as strong. Steel wheels will also be noisier than other materials.

Choosing the Right Casters

When selecting casters to move loading equipment around, keep your specific needs in mind. To make the best choice, you should consider the following:

Work Environment

Possibly the most important factor is where the casters will be used.

For casters that will be used indoors, you’ll want a material that’s safe to use on the building’s floors. Casters used outdoors will need a heavy-duty wheel with a gripping tread like rubber.

Keep in mind the amount of maneuvering the equipment will need to do as well. Swivel casters are more maneuverable but less stable than fixed casters, so think about the amount of turning required and any ramps.

Moving Speed

If loads need to be transported at higher speeds, swivel wheels should be avoided or paired with fixed wheels. Otherwise, it will be easier to lose control of the equipment.

Noise level

If the casters will be used near office or customer service areas, consider a quieter material like polyurethane. Wheels used in a louder environment like a production floor or construction site will be suitable for louder materials like steel that can bear more weight.

Are You Ready to Shop for Casters?

Choosing industrial casters is an important decision. The wrong choice can cause damage and decrease productivity.

Use the knowledge you’ve gained from this article to choose the perfect caster. Be sure to check out our blog page for other useful information!

If you could turn your passion into a career, would you want to? Apart from artists, very few people can say that they truly love their jobs. However, in today’s digital world, producing games pays off and with the right set of skills, you could also make a living out of designing, testing, or presenting games. In this piece, we are digging deeper into the topic of gaming jobs with the help of iGaming expert Auli Wälkky.

How to make a career in gaming?

The gaming industry is growing exponentially. Microsoft estimates that there could be as many as 2 billion gamers globally. These include serious gamers who use top-notch consoles, PC and laptop gamers, and people who play mobile games. Gaming is popular in the developed and developing world, with the figures expected to see a rise. 

Apart from gaming, gambling is also on the rise. In Finland, over 20% of people play at online casinos, and even more, play on physical slot machines placed in establishments all over the country. Online gambling has many advantages, for example, Finnish players can often get nettikasino bonukset when they deposit at a new casino. 

You can get a great number of jobs related to gaming or gambling depending on what skills you have. A typical gaming career salary is, in general, higher than average, so it makes sense to choose this industry for your career path. 

Gamer career options

If you are into computer gaming and have coding or designing skills, you can pursue a career in:

  • Game programming
  • Game design
  • Game testing
  • Game coaching or reviewing

Programmers and designers are always thought after to satisfy the growing need for new computer games. 

Even if you are not a programmer or designer, you can have a career in playing games. As we have seen plenty of evidence of it, esports can bring in big bucks if you are good enough at it. You will need to have a deep knowledge of the game, endless hours of practice behind you, and excellent hand-eye coordination and reflexes. Professional gamers sometimes become brand ambassadors of games and can get serious money for advertising. 

A mobile gaming career is also a possibility. As you will always see on LinkedIn, companies are on the lookout for game testers all the time. These jobs can often be done remotely and are often project-based, meaning they are not full-time jobs. 

Gambler career

If casino games are your thing, the career opportunities overlap with those of gamers. You can expect a higher-than-average salary should you choose to venture into designing and coding, which are obvious choices. However, there are lots of online gambling career options that don’t require any skills or expertise and can be learned during a short training. Your gambler career options to consider are:

  • Game programmer
  • Game designer
  • Game tester
  • Game presenter (live dealer)
  • Customer support/admin staff 

As we mentioned before, gambling is super popular in Finland and online casinos are always on the lookout for Finnish-speaking staff. A great side of getting a career in gambling is that most online casinos are run from sunny places like Malta, Gibraltar, Costa Rica, and Curaçao! You could start up in customer support and make your way to loads of administrative departments such as payments, fraud, anti-money laundering, content writing, and even finance. 

Brick and mortar casinos, of course, also need staff, so if you are confident and love being the center of attention, you could become a croupier at a land-based casino. The career path from a croupier position typically goes to supervisor and pit manager. Casino staff are normally well paid, and they will often get hefty tips from lucky punters. 


There are plenty of career opportunities in the field of gaming and gambling. If you have the right skills such as programming and design, you can expect a well-above-average salary. However, some people can make a living just by playing or testing games too. Loads of admin positions are available at online casinos, and you may even get a job at a land-based casino!