Emma is a movie based on Jane Austen’s 1815 novel. It is a movie where the main character gets involved in the love life of his friends. This British comedy/drama has been a hit movie. Speaking of hit movies… There is a collection of games that have been inspired by our favourite games waiting to be discovered at Lucky VIP.com! Try some movie-themed games at your fingertips!

In this article, you will find what Anna Taylor-Joy, aka Emma, thinks of the movie and beware spoiler alert! You will find out more about the plot of this movie. Happy reading…

The Main Cast is: 

  • Anya Taylor-Joy
  • Johnny Flynn
  • Mia Goth
  • Callum Turner
  • Bill Nighy

The plot

This movie is about a well-to-do girl – Emma Woodhouse, who wants a new companion as her governess has just got married. Emma meets a young girl called Harriet Smith. Yet, this doesn’t last long as Harriet gets a proposal from Mr Knightley. She promises that she won’t interfere. Yet, she does in disguise – as she feared she would be alone again. Emma manipulates Harriet and makes her decline the proposal. One day during Christmas, Emma’s older sister and Mr Knightley’s younger brother comes for dinner. After everyone leaves, she finds herself alone with Mr Elton and he takes this opportunity to express his love for Emma. She turns him down! Elton goes missing and gets married to someone else 6 weeks later. 

At a ball, Emma, and Mr Knightley dance together, they share a romantic moment. She wants to spend more time with Mr Knightley, yet the latter ignores her. Frank Churchill’s rich aunt dies and the Weston’s hope that Frank will marry Emma. She goes to Harriet and tells her the news and Harriet tells her she’s in love with Mr Knightley. This is where the twist comes as Emma herself is in love with Mr Knightley.

After hearing the news of Frank and Emma, Mr Knightley expresses his love for Emma and wants to marry her. Yet, she’s upset as Harriet is in love with Mr Knightley. She tries to be a matchmaker between Harriet and Mr Martin. She shows him a portray of Harriet where Mr Martin goes and proposes to Harriet – she accepts the offer. 

Emma and Mr Knightley are in love, yet Emma doesn’t want to leave her after. Mr Knightley then offers Emma that her father can come to stay with them. They were then happily married!

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Views on Emma

The movie involves a lot of drama and in an interview, Anya Taylor-Joy tells us that Emma as a character taught her a lot about humility, being kind with people, and to yourself. She even said that: ‘’I wanted to stay very, very true to the fact that Austen herself said she had written a character that only herself would much like. I really wanted to play Emma that way. I didn’t want to make her easily likable. She has a good heart—but she’s snobby. And she’s a bit of a brat. And very arrogant. And often wrong’’.