When your son or daughter comes to you and tells you that they want to go to the prom, if you pay close attention to them you’ll see how excited they are about the opportunity. They may not act this way outwardly, but if you know them you can see that they are acting in a way that they would when it’s something that they really want to do.

Proms are really important to young people because they give them opportunities to do many new things. If your son or daughter is planning on going to a prom here are a few things that you need to understand about why they’re so excited to go.

They Get a Chance to Dress Up

The prom is a formal affair that gives a young person the chance to wear a beautiful set of clothing. and for the young couples, he a handsome suit and she in a prom dress, it is a very serious affair The prom offers the opportunity for the young person to go shopping for that specific event. Chances are the young person does not have anything in his or her closet that fits the prom, so they need to look for something new. For a young man this will mean a new suit and it will mean the first time in his life probably that he will wear a suit to formal affair outside of church.

For young lady a long prom dress is the desired outfit. You’ll find that she really wants to dress up for this occasion including makeup beautiful shoes and every other small detail needed to make her look like a princess. The goal for both of them is to have a beautiful outfit that gets compliments from all of their friends.

They Get a Chance to be Independent

The Palm represents an event that was not initiated by their parents and where they are in complete control. This one-night event is set up only for young people. Although adults do have a role in chaperoning what’s going on, the specifics and activities in the event are all pull together by the young people who attend. This marks the first time where young people have complete control over an event and they love the Independence that they are being granted.

They Get a Chance to Show Off For Their Friends

The prom also represents an opportunity for young people to show off in front of their friends. There will give awards to the prom king and queen, best dressed, and best looking. Everyone who attends the prom is seeking to be singled out as being special. Winning an award at the prom is something that kids can be proud of throughout the year and they take it very seriously.

They Get a Chance to Impress Their Parents

Because young people are controlling the event one of their agendas is to make sure that everything goes smoothly and to plan. Is actually rare to find that a prom ends in a bad way because the young people are so interested in showing their parents that they can in fact handle responsibility. This creates an environment where the young people monitor each other and their behavior. They know things like drinking and doing drugs are not allowed so they make sure that anyone there on their best behavior and not doing anything that will disrupt the prom activities.


Your young person will talk about his or her prom experience for months.