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5 tips for using Twitter for Business

Twitter has been one of the most popular social media platforms for almost a decade. It’s a platform known for its high speed. The short, text-like messages are an excellent way to post news at a fast rate, which fits the generally short attention span that many internet users have when browsing social media. Plus, Twitter is credited with introducing and popularising the use of the social media #hashtag.

It’s therefore no surprise that many businesses are active on Twitter – and rightfully so: once you get the hang of it, Twitter can become an important part of your company’s online marketing efforts. We’ve assembled five tips and tricks that should help your business get the most out of Twitter.

1.Optimise your account

Companies that have a complete profile and include official, engaging and well-branded information in their Twitter bio come off as more trustworthy and are far more likely to attract more followers and potential customers. Although Twitter offers limited space for profile details, you should try to include everything you want your customers to know about your business, such as your products and services, your contact details and a call-to-action.

twitter birds

2.Use your Twitter account regularly

Although it’s easy to just use Twitter as an automated way to direct your followers to your website or your other social media, Twitter users generally prefer businesses that tweet regularly and dish out some replies, ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’ as well. Twitter is originally a social medium for 140-character mini-blogs, and it is important to stick to that personal, up-and-close element. Plus, for a small fee you can Promote your best tweets, which serves as a way of advertising for Twitter.

3.Keep an eye on your analytics

One of the many pros of Twitter is that your account comes with a free analytics tool, simply called Twitter Analytics. It keeps track of all your tweets, how many people have read your tweet and what they’ve done with it: whether that’s replying, ‘liking’, ‘retweeting’, expanding your tweet, clicking on your tweet, or visiting your profile. These analytics tell a lot about what you’re doing right and wrong on Twitter, and can be very helpful in optimising your account. Generally speaking, an engaging tweet from a business should include:

  • Relevant keywords and hashtags
  • A link to a source website (if applicable)
  • Relevant images or video material
  • A call-to-action

twitter hashtag

4.Follow your competitors and influencers

It sounds odd, but it works: following other businesses in your industry, including your direct competitors, ensures you’re always aware of what they’re doing and if that may affect your business. You can look at who your competitors are following and who is following them, and choose to follow these people and businesses as well. Similarly, it’s clever to follow influencers: bloggers, specialists, potential partners that influence your business and/or your customers. In doing so, you’ll stay updated on the ins and outs of your industry and you’re able to quickly expand your business network.

5.Integrate your Twitter account with your other marketing tools

Make sure your existing customers know you have a Twitter account. You may do so by mentioning it in other social media posts, in news letters, on your website et cetera. Your website should ideally include a button that links directly to your Twitter profile, and for some businesses an embedded Twitter feed might be a good idea as well.

Happy Tweeting!

That’s all for our tips on how to optimise your company’s Twitter presence. Hopefully they will be helpful in turning Twitter into a successful part of your online marketing strategy!

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