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6 website logo design mistakes small businesses should avoid

Logos aren’t magic, a great logo isn’t going to skyrocket your company to fame. It wasn’t the amazing swoosh that made Nike so large, but having a recognisable logo that works definitely helped with their fame. A well-designed, attractive logo will make your business look professional and memorable.

This article will take you through the 6 most common logo design mistakes small businesses can make. We show you some examples of businesses doing it wrong and doing it right.

Logo design mistake #1: creating your own logo

Unless you’re a wizard with Adobe Illustrator, you should really hire a professional to design your logo. It’s a small investment, but one that will last you a lifetime. It will show your customers that your business is professional and trustworthy.


Both these logos represent driving schools, and both have made the obvious choice of putting a car in their logo. Yet, it’s clear to see that only one has been designed by a professional! Which driving school would you send your child to?


Logo design mistake #2: raster graphic instead of a vector graphic

Now this one is a little more technical, but shouldn’t be a problem if you hire a professional to design your logo. An illustrated logo should always be a vector graphic; not a raster graphic.

A raster graphic is made out of hundreds of tiny squares: pixels. When you enlarge a raster image, it will look blurry and pixelated. A vector graphic uses paths, with a start and end point, along with curves, lines and other points. When enlarged, a vector graphic uses maths to enlarge these points, lines and curves, which ensures the image stays smooth and clean.

Vector logos are scalable, and it’s easy to readjust the size for whatever purpose you have for them. It’s common practice that your vector logo is rasterised after being sized to the required dimensions for your website. You will want to ask your designer for the original vector files for print purposes. After all, if you want your logo printed on a large banner for a trade show, it’s vital it doesn’t look like picture on the left!



Logo design mistake #3: too much going on

It’s understandable that you’ll want to put a lot of ideas into your logo, but simplicity is key here. Your customers will find it easier to understand a logo with one idea, rather than a logo that captures all your services, company motto and your personality. Another reason to keep it simple is that you might want to print your logo on business cards, company clothing or banners. A simple logo is easier and cheaper to print.


Both these food festivals have incorporated the idea of eating food and drinking wine at a festival in their logos. However, one of them has tried to incorporate too many elements, making it look cluttered and chaotic.


Logo design mistake #4: too abstract

If you can get your logo to show immediately what it is your business does, then you have a good logo. As we said in the previous section, too many elements in your logo can be chaotic. However, if your logo doesn’t describe your business at all, it will be bland and forgettable.


Both these companies fix garage doors, but I bet you could only guess that from one of the logos!


Logo design mistake #5: trendy design

There is always a new design trend on the horizon, and while it might be tempting to jump on the bandwagon, a logo like that will not last you a lifetime. For small businesses, it’s best practice to keep your logo simple and timeless. Unlike multinationals, you won’t have a big budget that allows you to redesign your logo every five years.


In the 80’s, the logo on the left was a modern and slick-looking logo. Nowadays, if you spot logo with this neon style you’d think it is outdated or a logo for a retro nightclub! You might find that the design on the right looks quite modern, with the cross and its hipster design. What if we told you it’s been done a thousand times already? In 5 years’ time, the design on the right will look just as dated as the one on the left.


Logo design mistake #6: stock art and unoriginal design

This is a mistake often made by amateur designers or business owners who have a go at design themselves. When you download vector images from a stock website, you have to make sure you know about the copyright rules. You could potentially get in trouble if you to incorporate stock imagery in your logo. The other reason you don’t want stock images or an unoriginal design is that your logo will look uninspired and won’t stand out in the crowd.


Have a look at the logos below. They’re all green, swirly and could represent a flame. So going by their logos, these businesses do something “green” with gas. Good symbolism there, but do realise that these businesses are probably competitors, and all their logos look the same!


Want us to design your logo?

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