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Simple site optimisation for beginners – part 1

So, you’ve got a website, but you’d like to make sure it’s doing the right job for you. Luckily, the Trendzer team are here to point you in the right direction. If you follow the three guidelines listed below for your web pages, you should have the beginnings of a well-structured website.

1. Everything in its right place

Imagine you open a newspaper and find every single story for that day under one headline, “News”. You’d find that to be a remarkably confusing and annoying experience. Chances are, you’d sling the paper in the bin and reach for a competitor or an online news service that keeps its stories in distinct sections.

Well, throwing all the different types of work that you do under one heading of “Services” is a lot like that one-headline newspaper. Anyone who visits your site can’t scan quickly to pick out the service they want easily: they have to spend their valuable time sifting through a mass of words to find what they want. You run a risk of losing a potential customer.

Top tip: Give every service or product a page of its own for best results with search engines like Google.

2. K.I.S.S. – Keep It Super Simple

When we say “Keep It Super Simple”, what we mean is this: if a page advertises your company’s products or services, make sure it clearly tells your visitor what you do, and how to get that from you. This will help with what marketing types call “ conversion”, or “turning a potential customer into a buyer”.

Ask a friend who doesn’t know your business well to visit your site as an imaginary customer. Get them to look around and see if they start to understand what you do or how they can employ your services. If they have trouble explaining either, then your site may be set up in a confusing or unhelpful way. Although the best-case scenario is that your friend is just not the sharpest tool in the box!

Top tip: finish every page with a “Call to Action” like “Contact us on 0131 555 5555 for delicious chocolatey biscuits”* to drive conversion.

(*but don’t use “delicious chocolatey biscuits” unless you actually sell them!)

3. Keep it clean, too

Your website is basically a virtual shopfront. You’ll need to take part in a small amount of housekeeping to make sure that it doesn’t make your business look outdated or shabby. There are a number of indicators that your website may not be the freshest, including:

  • References to old events
  • Links that don’t lead anywhere
  • Broken image links
  • Special offers that have expired

These can have a direct impact on your site optimisation and page rankings. One of the reasons that Google rates sites with fresh content is that a site with regular updates clearly belongs to an active and successful business. But if your site is outdated, has old signage and special offers, and doesn’t work properly, then your business might appear to be defunct to both people and search engines. This is bad news.

Top tip: keeping a blog on your site ensures your content stays fresh – more on blogs another time…

Your unmaintained website in six months

Your unmaintained website in six months

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