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The importance of rebranding for SMEs

Rebranding can be quite a daunting task, but it’s definitely worth the effort if it gives your business an impulse. As you may have noticed, here at Trendzer we’ve just had a makeover ourselves! In this week’s blog article we talk about the benefits of rebranding, while also discussing our own brand new website. Our tips and our experience will surely help you in the process of rebranding your SME!

What is rebranding?

Rebranding entails the creation of completely new look and feel for a product, service or company. It involves changing your complete corporate identity, from your logo to your website and maybe even the products and services you offer. Not only does rebranding serve as a way to update and modernise a business, it’s also usually adjusted to the customer’s needs. For SMEs it’s a vital thing to do in order to get with the times.


When should you rebrand your business?

There are many reasons to rebrand your business as it develops. Some reasons to rebrand include:

You want to update your image

As online business changes at an increasingly faster pace, content and branding ages just as quick. We recommend to update your image every now and then. Not only does it keep customers interested – it also shows your development as a modern business.

Your SME has been experiencing significant growth

As your business grows, you’ve undoubtedly made changes and improvements to your products and services to cater to your target audience’s needs. If your business expands into new markets or obtains a better position in your current market, it’s an indication to update your branding.

Your SME has gone through a (de)merger, takeover or reorganisation

SMEs go through changes all the time. However, if your SME is going through a major change like a reorganisation, a takeover or (de)merger, you should consider restyling your brand as well. It brings visual attention to your recent changes!

You’re changing your products/services

Branding is often associated with a specific product or service. It influences how customers identify your SME. That’s why we recommend rebranding if you’re looking to change what your SME offers to its customers.

You want to set yourself apart from your competitors

When your industry is full of competitors offering the same products and services, it’s important to differentiate yourself from them. Rebranding your SME can help in doing so. Keep an eye what your competitors do and see if there’s something about their branding you think you can do better.

what makes you stand out

Rebranding your business can be overwhelming, but with our help it can be done quickly and professionally. We can provide a bespoke new logo and website for you, while we also offer unlimited support. Get in touch today!

Out with the old, in with the new

Trendzer has recently gone through a complete makeover. We are happy to tell you more about these changes and why we’ve made them!

A brand new logo

We’ve created a brand new logo as part of our rebranding. Perceptions of our old logo were that is was looking somewhat masculine, and fairly outdated. Our new logo is more modern, sleek and expensive-looking, with a straightforward tagline that fits our business identity. It was about creating something that would be pliable for web media, and it will also work well in mono print or etched.

Our new website

Our old website was quite dark, busy and it wasn’t always clear what services we offer. It was too complicated and varied in its content, so a major goal for our new design was to keep it clean and simple. Driving forces behind our new design are:

  • Clear messaging
  • Moving from dark to light schemes
  • Creating positive colour connotations
  • Highlighting the most important parts of our services

Compared to our old website, our new design emphasises:

  • The managed nature of our services
  • Business-boosting tools
  • Accessible information about previous customers
  • Design examples
  • Expanded and improved contact options

Take a look around

We hope our tips and our personal experience with rebranding inspire you to keep reinventing your own business image. Be sure to check back with us soon for a brand new blog. Meanwhile, we are happy to invite you to take a look around on our brand new website!

Are you looking to rebrand your business? Trendzer can help you get started with a modern and bespoke new website, including unlimited support. Contact us now!

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