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Five free apps for small businesses

Get your smartphone ready and connect to the WiFi, because you will want to start downloading some apps soon!

In this article, we highlight some simple apps that can make your working life a little easier. We analyse the good and the bad, and give some examples.

Business card apps

Networking can already feel like a drag, but having to add a dozen business cards to your contact list is even worse. These apps scan business cards by taking a photo. They accurately read the information on the image, sort the information and add the details to your phone contact list.

business card

Source: Jay Goodman, Freeimages

The good: If you get a lot of business cards it is a useful app to save all the data in your phone straight away. It will save you the bother of having to manually add contact details.

The bad: The software that recognises the text on the cards doesn’t always work correctly and you have to manually edit the entries. Especially if you have a lot of foreign contacts, this might not work for you.

Some examples of apps like this are:

  • ABBYY Business Card Reader: reads in 22 languages, and uses world-famous optical character recognition technology.
  • ScanBizCard Lite: reads in 22 languages, and has a simple and attractive address book.
  • CamCard: reads in 17 languages, and allows you to add notes or reminders.

Scanner apps

Whether you want to save receipts to reclaim VAT, a brainstorm on a whiteboard, or notes on a napkin – these apps make sure you don’t forget them! They take a snapshot and save the picture as a PDF to the cloud so you can find it later on other devices.


Source: Jonathan Natiuk, Freeimages

The good: You don’t have to keep a paper copy of your document, and it’s saved in the cloud so you and your colleagues can access it easily.

The bad: The quality of the PDFs won’t be as good as an actual scanner.

Some examples of apps like this are:

  • Google Drive: the scanner is just one of many features of Google Drive. It’s also a cloud storage facility where you can share documents. The scanner feature is not available on iOS yet.
  • CamScanner: works on just about every platform. The free version does add a watermark to your documents.
  • Genius Scan: simple and intuitive interface. Some features are only available with an upgrade to the paid app.

Navigation apps

Being on your phone whilst driving is of course a big no-no, but there are some great apps out there than can get you to your destination faster. These apps show you the fastest route using the latest traffic reports.


Source: Jean Scheijen, Freeimages

The good: You don’t need to buy an expensive GPS system and you will arrive at your destination on time.

The bad: Using GPS and apps like these can quickly drain the battery life. Make sure to bring a charger if you’re going to have a long day on the road!

Some examples of apps like this are:

  • Waze: the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. It also lets you find the cheapest gas station!
  • Sygic: offline maps provided by TomTom, so it doesn’t eat your battery as much as the other apps. But because it’s offline, there are no live traffic updates.
  • Google maps: standard on every Android phone. Integrated with other Google software and also includes cycle and walking routes.

Communication apps

Are your colleagues on the road a lot, or are you getting too many unnecessary emails? Perhaps it’s time to use a communication app instead. Use these apps to phone, message and chat to colleagues or customers.

The good: You can use these apps on your phone and computer, and it doesn’t cost you anything (apart from data) to phone someone.

The bad: The free versions of the below three apps don’t include all features. You need to upgrade to the paid version to get business functions like video conferencing.

Some examples of apps like this are:

  • Skype: the most famous video call and message app, so there is a big chance your customers use this app too. The free version works great for businesses up to 20 employees. The paid version, Skype for Business, is available with Office 365. Contact Trendzer at 0800 047 6777 for more information about Office 365.
  • Hipchat: the most established secure team communication and collaboration app for businesses. This app is integrated with over 80 other apps, making it great for tech companies.
  • Slack: Hipchat’s main new competitor. Many teams have been seen switching to Slack for its simple design and useful features.

Trendzer app

Of course, we can’t forget our own app, the Trendzer app! With this free app you can manage your Trendzer website on the move.

trendzer app1trendzer app 2trendzer app 5

You can add and edit pages, post a blog entry, and email your customers. The app also allows you to manage your bookings online, improve your SEO and view your analytics. The Trendzer app is a handy tool for making quick content changes and managing your website on the go.

If you haven’t downloaded the Trendzer app yet, you should really do so now! The Trendzer app is available for Windows and Android phones, and will soon be ready for iOS.

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