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Content marketing ideas for visitor attractions

In the digital age, it can be hard for smaller visitor attractions, such as galleries, aquariums, petting zoos, and theme parks, to attract domestic visitors. Even major attractions increasingly often depend on exclusive deals, exhibitions and special occasions to reach a peak in visitors – only to lose them again straight after. We believe that a decrease in visitors or lower conversion rates can often be resolved through efficient online marketing. After all, cultural education and entertainment should always be promoted! As such, we’ve assembled a few ideas that should optimise the online presence of visitor attractions across the UK.

Identify your audience

The content you publish should be adapted to whomever it is you’re talking to. For example, a modern art museum usually attracts different visitors from a zoo. So who is it you want your business and your website to appeal to? For every type of audience though, you need to make sure your content is concise, engaging and to the point.

Customers love it when you interact with them, and the internet is arguably the best place to do so. Post regular blogs, fun facts, questions, surveys, photos or video material – this will allow your audience to get to know your business from behind their computer and telephone screens. Meanwhile, their individual responses will tell you a lot about who you customers are and what they (dis)like, which you can implement in future marketing efforts.

Connect online and get reviews

Contact with your visitors shouldn’t end after their visit. In fact, that’s your cue to give them something that keeps them interested in your business. You may experience some peaks in conversions during holidays and/or temporary exhibitions. As the owner of a visitor attraction, you ideally want your customers to come back, maybe get a subscription and tell their friends about the great experience they had with your business. To make sure visitors, especially domestic visitors, come back, you need to use your momentum wisely. You could do so by:

  • Interacting with them on social media
  • Inviting them to subscribe to a mailing list
  • Offering discounts for a return visit, shop items or other exclusive deals

Even more important, you should ask satisfied customers to post an online review of your business. This can be done on social media, Google Places or Yelp, but for day attractions we would recommend TripAdvisor.


With 350 million unique monthly visitors, TripAdvisor is both a prime example and the market leader for user-generated content. Claim your business listing on TripAdvisor, or create one yourself if it doesn’t exist yet. Make sure your website contains a link to your TripAdvisor page. Your visitors will appreciate being able to combine your website info with user reviews.

Ask your visitors to review their stay on TripAdvisor. Since you already have their contact details, you can send them an email after their stay. Many visitors will be happy to oblige you with a review.

Respond to reviews ASAP and do so politely. You show that you are attentive by responding quickly. It is vital to respond professionally to reviews, even if you don’t agree with a bad review. Keep in mind that everyone reading it is a potential visitor. Don’t respond with an emotional rant! You will get more credit for replying with a courteous explanation and apology.

Use video content wisely

As part of your social media strategy, we recommend joining YouTube and posting videos there. Visitor attractions have the advantage that their video material can be both fun and educational – and those just so happen to be the most popular genres on YouTube. YouTube is an excellent way to engage and expand your audience, literally showing them the tip of the iceberg of your amazing museum, zoo, theme park, etc. By adding advertisements or sponsorships to your videos as your viewers and subscribers grow, your YouTube channel could be a great source of revenue too.

Most modern social media platforms as well as webhosting platforms offer the opportunity to post or embed your video, which is very likely to increase the amount of viewers and subscribers on YouTube. Several visitor attractions have recently invested in quality video content. For example, the Edinburgh Zoo broadcasts 24/7 live videos of its immensely popular giant panda.

Invest in eCommerce

As we pointed out in our blog on eCommerce, investing in online shopping is now considered more important than having a storefront. Many visitor attractions benefit greatly from the merchandise they sell in their gift shop. So why not have that shop online? Of course you want visitors to actually visit you, but if that’s not an option it’s always a good idea to offer an alternative. For customers, it will be much easier to see all you’ve got on offer and buy things without leaving their home. For you as a business owner, it’s a quick and easy way to increase your customer base and earn revenue from a bigger audience.

Online Shopping

That’s all, folks!

This article only discussed a few of the many things you can do to optimise the online presence of your visitor attraction. Make sure you scroll down for blogs on various other subjects that should help boost your online marketing efforts.

Trendzer offers a responsive and SEO-friendly website with the option to set up video and image sections, a blog section, an online shop and social media accounts. We ensure that you will get the hang of online marketing, and if you’re still having trouble, we’re always ready to help.

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