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Content marketing ideas for hair and beauty salons

Good content is the cornerstone of successful online marketing. The thin, overtly sales-driven content of the past is gone, and substantial, informative and engaging content is here to stay. To really gain customers' business and loyalty, you need to consistently provide them with content that offers real value in and of itself.

Devising a content strategy is easier said than done, though, especially when you're busy running your own business. As part of our series on content marketing for small businesses, we've come up with a few ideas to help you get the ball rolling. In this article, we look at inspiration for hair and beauty salons.

Review your Products

Product reviews are a simple but effective tool to add to your content marketing repertoire. You can create a regular 'Product of the Week' or even 'Product of the Month' feature, or simply review new products as and when they become available in your salon. When writing about your products, include your opinions on everything from the packaging to the actual experience of using it (think about the look, feel, scent, ease of use and so on) and the results it provides.

Don't be afraid to point out any drawbacks of the product. If you feel that the pump for a self-tanner leads to unnecessary waste or that a certain shampoo wouldn't be suitable for dry hair types then say so! Google's algorithm concerning quality content, Panda, actually favours articles that describe both sides of a story, and customers will certainly find a positive but balanced review more trustworthy than one that reads like promotional copy. Aim to write as if you are telling a friend about the product, in a relaxed and friendly tone.

Round-Up Your Favourite Client Looks of the Week

Posting a weekly round-up of some of your most impressive work is a quick and easy way to create compelling content. Not only does it allow you to showcase the talents of your salon, it's also a fun way to get customers engaging with your business. Simply take some good quality 'before and after' photos – after asking your customers' permission, of course – and upload them onto your website along with a short description of how you achieved each look. Remember to share it on social media afterwards too, tagging the customers involved for maximum exposure.

Create Tutorials and How-To Guides

Stand out from your competitors with video or step-by-step image tutorials for hair styles, make-up or nail art. Visually compelling and extremely shareable if done well, 'how-to' tutorials allow you to provide your customers with informative content while also demonstrating your own expertise.

Don't worry about losing potential customers by showing them how to do what your salon does by themselves; it's highly unlikely they will have the necessary skills to execute it anywhere near as well as you. Producing valuable content like tutorials simply helps to establish brand loyalty and keep your business fresh in readers' minds for when they are in a position to enlist your services.

Top Tip: Try to centre your tutorials around topical themes, such as celebrity-inspired looks, Halloween and wedding season.

Interview your Staff

A friendly, knowledgeable team is likely to be one of the key reasons why customers return to your salon, so why not show some of that character online by interviewing your staff? Don't just ask generic questions about why they enjoy working at your salon and what their favourite aspects of the role are though, as this won't provide much value for the reader. Interview them instead about their own hair or beauty routines, asking about their favourite products (both high end and budget), any unusual tips they could share and their best pieces of advice.

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