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Content marketing ideas for dental practices

An interesting website with great content will set you apart from the competition. But if you’re running a dental practice, you might be stuck for ideas other than information about your treatments and how much they cost.

Here is where we come in! We’ve done some research on dental practices and combined it with our content experience, to give some great content marketing tips to dental practices. But first we’ll explain why good content is important, and where social media comes in.

Why is content important?

In case you’re wondering about this, here is a quick recap on why website content is important:

  1. Google loves content, and it will rank your website higher in search results if you keep updating your site with fresh content. Make sure to use keywords throughout your content that you think potential customers might search for.
  2. Informative and fun content will attract potential customers, and it can improve your current customer loyalty.

Let’s talk about social media

We imagine your customers aren’t visiting on your website every week, unless they have some serious dental issues! Many customers will be following some of your social media accounts, like Facebook. Because of that, it’s important to make your website content ‘shareable’, and share it on your practice’s Facebook, Twitter and other social media. This way, customers who follow your company will see the content appear on their timeline. They then click on it, read it on your website, and then maybe even share it themselves. It is important to share your content on social media, to get the most out of your new content.

Content tip 1: Share your knowledge

Now we’re not saying to discuss the ins and outs of a root canal treatment including pictures (ouch!), but sharing knowledge that could help your patients. You could do this in various ways, like a Q&A, a pictorial or a ‘how to’ video. Think of what kind of questions you often get from patients, for example:

  • How do I brush my teeth properly?
  • Do you have some tips on how to teach my child to brush?
  • Do I really have to floss every day?

You could add this informative content on a specific Q&A page, or as a blog article to your website. Make sure to add social sharing buttons to the article, to make it easier for people to share your content.

Another way of sharing informative content is by doing a product review or writing a case study. Patients will be interested to hear an expert’s opinion on the newest hype in toothbrushes, or what type of toothpaste is best for sensitive teeth.

As for a case study, you could add information on how teeth whitening works, and show before and after pictures to illustrate your story. Not only are you sharing information, but you’re also showing off what great results you can achieve. Make sure to ask the customers if they want to give a testimonial, which will give the article even more authority.

teeth whitening

Content tip 2: Have a bit of fun

You can really distinguish your dental practice from the other practices by showing your fun side. Think about what would make your clientele laugh and work with that. A safe way to show your fun side is to go with the season. How about:

  • Showing a picture of the winner of the ‘Most ugly Christmas jumper’ contest you had at the practice.
  • Have a competition for children: hide images of Easter eggs on your site and ask them to find them all. The winner of the competition will get a small prize and will be featured on your site and social media.
  • An April Fool’s joke like: “New discovery: Eat toothpaste to lose weight!” Make sure you’re careful with what type of jokes or pranks you do though, for safety reasons, and because not everyone likes to be duped! And be sure to come clean the next

Another way to get the fun-factor in is to review products in a slightly different way. You can write a serious product review as mentioned earlier, or you can take a more playful approach, like: ‘What toothpaste tastes the best?’ or ‘The ultimate floss test’.

floss test / Carlo Winkelmann

Content tip 3: Focus on the people

A human interest story is powerful, because it’s easy to relate to that kind of content and it taps into our natural curiosity in the lives of others. You could include an update about yourself, your colleagues or customers.

For example, you could highlight your team by interviewing a new employee, or you could show a picture of your colleague’s new-born baby!

Think of all the “likes” a picture like this would get!

A dental practice is a prime example of a business that is tied to their geographical location and the local community. Having a positive image in your area is vital to your dental practice’s success.

So if you’re doing something good for the community, like free dental checks for homeless people or sponsoring a community project, you should definitely write about it online!

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