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Content ideas for bar websites

Coming up with content for your bar’s website seems like an exercise in simplicity. But you could be generating more traffic and building your brand (or reputation if “brand” sounds too corporate) with a few simple ideas.

After all, many websites will only receive visits if the bar itself is getting a lot of footfall. So, Trendzer’s SEOs have put together a few ideas to help you deliver unique content for your website that may generate interest and drinks profits.

Support your social efforts

Most bars now realise that social media is an invaluable accessory for advertising. By aligning your website with your social output, you can kill two birds with one stone and generate fresh content - which is SEO gold.

Make sure all your social accounts have a linked badge on the website. Then, simply link back the other way by updating a new page on your website, then posting a link to the page on social media.

What we’re talking here essentially is creative blogging - different ways to update your site content without (necessarily) writing a small essay each time.

“Why do I need a blog”?

A common mistake is for a bar manager or owner to slap a few pictures of their menus on the site and think, "Job done”! But search engines don’t do pictures: they read text. What you want to do is create content that will:

  1. show your bar as an authority, whether it be on food, cocktails, or music
  2. make people want to share your pages, hopefully virally, and
  3. deliver real engagement for fans and people who would be fans of your place

Keep it fresh with blog alternatives

Your customers wouldn’t be happy if your draught beer or your dish of the day wasn’t fresh and fulfilling. Well, search engines are a lot like that as well: they want your content to be seasonal and substantial.

And it needn’t be a huge chore to update your site regularly. You don’t have to write endless blogs on tedious developments in the brewery industry. Simply tap in to whatever it is that makes your place tick, and then serve that up when you get.

Unless you’re blessed with a bar that never gives you a moment’s rest, then you’ll have some setup time when you do cleaning, or cocktail prep, or even just chat with the regulars. Optimising your website can fall neatly into this “essential maintenance” time.

Top Tip: set a regular reminder each week – even if it’s only for 30 minutes or an hour – to update your website and social media to ensure you don’t let it slide. An unmaintained online presence can often be like a dirty table.

Beer Resources

Alternative blog ideas

You (hopefully!) know your business and your customers better than us. But we can certainly advise you on how to take that knowledge and apply it to your online presence. Take a look at our six suggestions to see what applies, and then consider creating a new page for any or each of the areas that apply to your venue.

1. Seasonal food menus

Launch every new menu with a page update at least a couple of paragraphs long. Ask your chef or kitchen manager about the inspiration behind the new dishes. If you have a tasting for staff or management, get some pictures up to tempt your site visitors as well.

Your kitchen staff will hopefully enjoy the recognition and the chance to demonstrate their knowledge, and foodie site visitors may get an idea or two. Plus it will give your business culinary kudos.

Top Tip: if there aren’t any top secret ingredients, you could regularly put your recipe for a customer favourite online. Competitors will always try to emulate success anyway, and you could be doing your customers a service – they’ll still come to you for convenience if they have money to spend.

Cocktails and Mixology

2. Cocktails and mixology

Got a “Cocktail of the Moment” or a unique house twist on a classic mix? Why not advertise the ingredients so that budding mixologists can try making your recipe for pre-drinks or date night? Chances are that your bar will be the topic of conversation for a while even if they’re staying in that evening.

3. Art or photo exhibitions

Use your event to generate virtual visitors as well as actual footfall. If you regularly host exhibitions, get a gallery of photos or paintings. The creative will love the exposure, and potentially share your page amongst friends and family on social.

If you get a reputation for showing interesting exhibits, then people may start to check out your page just to see what you’re showing at the moment. And that is all good PR for your venue.

4. Live music and DJs

Much like an exhibition, showcasing a local band or DJ is a great way to cross promote. An embedded video clips or Soundcloud links will give your site visitors some highly engaging audio-visual content.

5. TV sports and pub teams

If your venue pays its bills by bringing in sports fans, then be sure to keep a web page that lets them know “What’s On”. Or if you’re driven by pool comp or a darts tourney, you can post details of upcoming events and past winners to support that community.

6. Bar news

Any venue can keep its regulars and the broader world updated on what’s going on recently. Whether you host a regular pub quiz with prizes, or your staff do charity fun runs a few times a year, there could be something to share on a blog-style.

The idea is to keep your regulars informed while telling newcomers about the kind of place you are. So, take a look at this list and see if anything describes things your bar or restaurant participates in:

  • Community events
  • Vintage clothes sales
  • Clothes swaps
  • Charity fundraisers
  • Dance classes
  • Open mic nights
  • Poetry slams
  • Games nights
  • Crafts groups
  • Knitting clubs

Put up some pictures or videos and tell the organisers or participators that you’ll be sharing their event online. You’ll hopefully get added traction through their social media shares.

We’re full of bright ideas on how to improve your website for better results. If you need SEO and social media assistance, contact Trendzer to discuss our Search Engine Manager service on 0800 047 6777.

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