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Case study: BT Cables

BT Cables is a globally established supplier of cabling that operates within the BT Group. They approached Trendzer after seeing work that had been carried out on a website design for an affiliated organisation.

Customer brief and requirements

The client’s brief required that their old WordPress site be transferred onto the Trendzer platform, along with significant structural changes and a revamp of content and design. In particular, they wanted several key issues addressed:

  • Site design was to be brought in line with BT branding
  • New design was needed to be more responsive than their previous site
  • Project needed to be delivered within a tight timeline

Development issues

As purveyors of an extensive range of cables that are needed for a variety of applications, BT Cables have an enormous range of stock to advertise. This had several practical implications, namely:

  • An extensive range of product pages to design and implement into the restructured site
  • Dozens of PDF brochures that required adding for download
  • A large number of price and specification tables – which are often typically not responsive
  • Specific branding and style requirements for both client and umbrella organisation

Design solutions

Lead Digital Designer Iona Sangster was tasked with making the site branding align with the umbrella organisation. She had this to say:

“Having worked with BT branding closely for other projects, I had a clear insight into what was required in bringing the old site design up to date with the current BT brand guidelines.

I did this using their preferred primary colour pallete of violet and adding in the main CTA colour as magenta. Using a simple but effective UX design with CSS3 and HTML5, I was able to construct an efficient and easy-to-use site that the client was delighted with.”

Copywriter Greg Perkins worked on bringing the page content into line with the client’s needs:

“The existing content contained more technical language than the client branding guide suggested, and the writer had used passive voice in many areas. I made sure that the content was written in the active voice wherever possible.

Active voice creates a clearer and simpler reading experience and aligns with both the client’s brief and general online copy standards. It was also necessary to edit headers across the site to ensure consistency of capitalisation in line with affiliate styling guides.”

In full awareness of Google’s April mobile-readiness update, our developers opted to make the site fully responsive: including the many tables on the site. The results mean that potential customers can view crucial product information no matter what device they use to browse the site.

The project was delivered both on time and within budget. Even some eleventh-hour edit requests were implemented before the site was published.

Client testimonial

“I recently managed a project to move the existing BT Cables website from a WordPress platform on to the Trendzer platform. Not being a website expert, I was apprehensive at the task ahead but needn’t have been.

Right from the start, the Trendzer team of Kevin Turner and Iona Sangster filled me with confidence that the transition would be seamless and it was! With regular project calls and a dedicated effort the new site very quickly became a reality and as we continually suggested modifications and new ideas the Trendzer team simply got it and got on with it. Nothing was too much trouble.

The project completed exactly on time and I am delighted with the result. The new site is perfect for our needs and the whole process was painless. I have no hesitation in recommending both the Trendzer platform and the Trendzer team to any potential client.”

Paul Farrell, Head of Sales and Marketing, BT Cables Ltd.

Case summary

This non-standard Trendzer product project presented several challenges but the client is very happy with the end result. Delivery was achieved within agreed timelines across multiple teams on a website that features more than 45 pages.

You’ll also get dedicated expert help with your domain, design, and content. So, you don’t have to put together a DIY templated website in a hurry: you can carry on doing what you do best. Call us on 0800 047 6777 to ask about a new website that features responsive web design as standard.

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