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Better living through online booking calendars

You could be working easier and smarter by using an online booking calendar. No longer are they the preserve of custom-made high-end websites that cost thousands of pounds. Now, with apps like Trendzer’s in-built Libersy Calendar scheduling app, you can organise your working life directly through your website.

So, what are the stand-out benefits of using an online booking calendar? We take a look at six of the main advantages that you could be enjoying.

1. More efficiency

Let’s get straight to the point: online booking calendars are simply a much more effective way to manage your appointments. You’ll find a raft of efficiencies by scheduling your clients directly through your app.

For starters, you can assign individual calendars by employee, by room, or by equipment. So, for example, if you run a yoga studio with 3 rooms and 6 teachers, you can block book the established classes and leave the spare rooms free to be filled by teachers as and when they gain clients. That should mean no double-bookings and a clear visual indicator of when the rooms are definitely available.

Trendzer Libersy Calendar Screenshot

Even better, you can assign pre-work and post-work periods, which mean you can factor in time for prep, admin, tidy-up, or turnaround. That means less rushing for you, and a smoother experience for your service users. Speaking of which...

2. Better customer experience - more “yes”, less “sorry!”

Your customers also benefit from the clarity provided by a booking calendar. Instead of a lengthy phone call pushing possible times back and forth, with a booking calendar your customers can see precisely when your services are available.

It’s a great way to manage their expectations from the very start of the process. They don’t spend valuable time hearing you say, “No, sorry, I can’t…”. Instead, they receive a list of choices, the answer to which will be “yes”: in terms of customer experience, it’s a lot more positive and clear.

No More Sorry / ilker

3. Portability and accessibility

It’s all well and good having a paper copy of your day’s sessions, or a table on a blackboard, or a spreadsheet. But your online booking calendar gives everyone involved the opportunity to manage their schedule, even if they’re constantly “on the go”.

Employees and customers alike can manage their appointments from their mobile or tablet, enabling them to check in on a lunch break, while commuting, or even answering a call of nature. With updates made in real-time, there’s no chance of crossed wires and double-bookings.

No More Paper Calendar / Uffe Neilsen

4. Available any time

On the topic of accessibility, one of the most effective reasons for having an online booking calendar is that it is available at any time. A lot of people do their shopping and hobby browsing outside of office hours, and it’s estimated that about a third of people don’t leave voicemails.

So unless you man the phone or respond to emails around the clock, you could miss out on clients. They may go to a competitor who has a dedicated phone assistant or - you guessed it - an online booking calendar.

No More Missed Opportunities / Manu Mohan

If you miss one booking a week, you’ve lost the cost of a service 52 times over. If you lose around one a day, then you’re looking at 365 slots over the course of a year. That’s £3,650 if your session costs just £10! Do the maths for yourself, on emails or calls that don’t convert to a customer - the numbers may be compelling.

5. Email and text reminders

Even with a dedicated calendar appointment, even the best of us can let an appointment slip our mind with the busy schedules of modern life. With Trendzer’s Libersy Calendar, you will help your customers by sending out a booking confirmation email and then a timely reminder 24 hours before the actual appointment.

No More Empty Slots / Daniel Carter

The reminder feature is simple and automated, but it has been proven to reduce the number of no-shows and lost appointments that you could usually expect. The default message features standard information such as:

  • Service
  • Date
  • Time

However, you can customise the message with “Comments” to include other instructions or guidelines, making for an even smoother experience. And best of all, your automated email contains links that let your customer add their appointment to an Outlook, Google, or iCal calendar with just a few clicks.

As an optional extra, you can take the premium choice of SMS reminders. Text messages like these are almost instantly read, reducing the likelihood of no-shows even further. They’re an excellent way to keep your customers engaged with your business.

6. Export your contacts and refresh those leads

The export function will make your life a little easier if you want to have a hard copy of your timetable. But it’s even more useful if you factor in the ability to export a spreadsheet of your customer details as well.

Simply export your list of customers, complete with email addresses, and hey presto: instant email marketing list! By using a handy tool such as your Trendzer newsletter feature, or a service such as MailChimp, you can send a Thank You email to your customers for the last week or month.

Even better, you could email them with aftercare tips or upcoming special offers, depending on your service offering. Then you are not just making the booking process easier to use, but creating a smoother and more welcoming journey that will hopefully have your customers coming back time and again!

Food for thought?

You’ll maybe have some food for thought now, particularly if you run an appointment-driven business largely by yourself. A booking calendar can actually act like an admin assistant, managing client appointments and keeping you off the phone and delivering your services.

Just as a website can market your business around the clock, a booking calendar can help you to run it. A website with inbuilt calendar could be just the solution to take your business to the next level. Keep that in mind, and if you’re in the market for some new marketing solutions, consider booking a free demo below to see what Trendzer can do for you.

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