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Analyse your marketing success through call tracking

If you spend money on advertising, you will want to know how many customers you actually get from it. For your Trendzer website, you can use the built-in function to analyse how your visitors arrived on your site, and how they behaved after. You can also use Google Analytics to find out more detail. But did you know you can also track how someone found your phone number?

Many people still prefer picking up the phone instead of emailing of filling out contact forms. These leads are a major source of income. 66% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) say calls are their most important lead source*.

In this blog, we explain what call tracking is, why it is important, and how you can use it to improve your return on investment (ROI).

What is call tracking?

Call tracking technology records and analyses information from incoming calls to your business, and provides useful information on:

  • Where the calls come from, e.g.:
    • Organic search engine traffic
    • Paid advertising (paid online advertising, leaflets, local adverts)
  • Where the caller comes from (geographical location)
  • If it's a new or existing customer
  • How long an average call is
  • The busiest time to call
  • And, how many calls you're missing

How does call tracking work?

The concept of call tracking is simple. First, the call tracking platform will create different phone numbers for each of your marketing campaigns.


When a customer finds your phone number and calls, their call is transferred to your phone by the call tracking platform. All the information, like the length of the call and where it came from, is recorded on the platform. You can go into the dashboard and analyse the results from your calls.

What are the benefits of tracking calls?

You might have an ad in the local newspaper because your direct competitor has one too, but you can’t be sure if it is effective unless you track the calls. Let’s look at an example. Our fictional takeaway service “Salt ‘n’ Sauce” has four different marketing channels:

  • They have a Trendzer website
  • They run a paid AdWords campaign
  • They have a print advertisement in the local newspaper
  • And they have distributed takeaway menus in the neighbourhood

By setting up call tracking, Salt ‘n’ Sauce can compare enquiries from all four channels. Here is an example of possible results from the past month:

Channel Cost Enquiries
Website £29 50
AdWords £1,500 15
Local paper £350 2
Takeaway menus £200 10

Salt 'n' Sauce can track the ROI of each marketing campaign. It’s clear from the table above that the website is getting most enquiries. Of the paid advertising, takeaway menus in the neighbourhood have the best ROI. On the other hand, the local paper advertisements aren’t working for our takeaway business.

After analysing the results from call tracking, you can refocus your marketing budget, which will help you successfully increase your ROI.

Are you missing important phone calls?

A call tracking platform also enables you to analyse when and in what volumes customers are phoning your business. You can adjust staff management based on call handling. For instance: Salt ‘n’ Sauce has found out that they are missing many calls in the morning, because they only open at 12 p.m. To be able to serve hungry lunchtime customers, they might decide to open an hour earlier.

Call tracking using IOVOX and your Trendzer website

Trendzer is working in partnership with IOVOX, a call tracking platform that helps thousands of SMEs. IOVOX provides local telephone numbers for each of your marketing campaigns, and an intuitive dashboard so you can analyse results.

You receive a weekly report that shows the top level stats of how your business performed that week. In the dashboard, you find more detail in a visual or tabular breakdown of results. Other functionalities are:

  • Forwarding calls: Add many contacts to the dashboard and choose to whom calls should be forwarded, in case they are not picked up. For example: you could forward calls to your mobile or to a colleague.
  • Whisper message: A whisper message is played when you pick up, before the customer comes on the line. For example: "This customer is phoning from the leaflet campaign".
  • Missed call and voicemail email alerts: Get an email notification when you miss a call. The email includes the channel and phone number, so you can call back straight away. Voicemail email alerts work in a similar way, but you can also listen to the MP3 attached to the email.
  • Call recording: You can record calls and listen back to them for training or monitoring purposes.

IOVOX tracking on Trendzer

You can use IOVOX technology to track and analyse phone call information on your Trendzer website. When you go into your ‘contact stats’, you can adjust the date range to see specific results. It then displays a chart with the number of phone calls and average call times. You can tell from the pie charts how many calls went unanswered, and where the callers phoned from.

phone calls

IOVOX free trial

Are you ready to learn more about the effectiveness of your marketing? IOVOX is offering a free one month trial, which includes all functionalities. Call our sales team to learn more about the free trial at 0800 047 6777.

* IOVOX:"> 66% of SMBs say calls are their most important lead source.

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